Women Are Beginning To Pass Men In STEM Fields

Many people believe that women are a minority in the Science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) fields, but recent data seems to show otherwise.

A report that the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) released alongside the University of Michigan-Flint professor, Mark Perry, states that women now earn  50.6 percent of STEM bachelor degrees. They are also apparently overrepresented in graduate school.

According to PJ Media, the small majority translates to an increase of 8500 female STEM graduates per year and ultimately  33,000 more women in grad school for STEM.

One reason why the majority might not be the largest is that there is far more freedom of choice for students in terms of their courses. Some individuals might not gravitate towards just going into something because it will ensure them of a job but will instead take something they enjoy doing on the daily.

What all of this shows is that women are joining STEM fields more and that’s great but it also shows that individuals don’t like being forced into something. Some studies have suggested that having motivational speeches that have high support for women joining the STEM option actually backfires by making women more fearful about the decision.

There’s also the fact that many people don’t seem to consider. According to The Atlantic, there was a study published in  Psychological Science by Gijsbert Stoet, at Leeds Beckett University, and David Geary, at the University of Missouri, there could be a rather simple reason as to why women join STEMs in certain countries. Apparently, it could be because they’d like to get financial freedom. What this means is that it’s possible that in western countries like the United States, women are more equal and this means that they don’t really need to go into a STEM field to simply find work but had they been in another country, they might need to do that.

Overall, women are starting to pass men in the STEM field but only by a slight majority. So, activists don’t need to necessarily push as hard as before for women to join them due to the reality that it might actually cause them to not want to join the field.

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