Women share the silliest reasons they’ve cried while feeling hormonal

‘The laundry wasn’t folded when I opened up the dryer’: Women share the silliest reasons they’ve ever cried while ‘feeling hormonal’

  • Redditors were asked to tell stories about times they cried for ridiculous reasons while hormonal
  • Women recalled moments they burst into tears while menstruating or pregnant
  • Some men also chimed in about their significant others 

No woman ever wants her feelings and emotions dismissed because it’s ‘that time of the month’ — but that doesn’t mean that hormones don’t sometimes amplify a situation. A lot.

While it’s not typically a frequent occurrence, most women have, at one time or another overreacted just a bit to some misfortune due to their menstrual cycle or medication that messed with their hormones.

And while those moments can be upsetting at the time, looking back on them can be quite funny — as several women did in a recent Reddit thread.

Story time! Redditors were asked to tell stories about times they cried for ridiculous reasons while hormonal, either while menstruating or pregnant

Last week, a Redditor posed the question: ‘Ladies of Reddit, what’s the silliest thing you’ve cried over while feeling hormonal?’ 

The thread earned thousands of replies, most of them from women sharing their amusing and exasperating stories of losing their cool over something silly.

‘I once was in the supermarket parking lot and saw a single ravioli. I immediately started to ugly cry — I’m not really sure what is wrong with me,’ said one woman.

‘I cried because I wanted chocolate but I didn’t want to eat the chocolate my boyfriend gave me because it was special chocolate,’ wrote another. ‘I ate the chocolate later that night.’

‘Once I was walking home and I saw a dog in the alley by my house,’ another user Snacksandsquats. ‘Naturally, I wanted to go pet the dog and see if it was okay because I didn’t see an owner around. As I approached I realized the dog was a large raccoon and started crying uncontrollably. I was really sad that the dog was actually a raccoon. Life is hard.’ 

‘I couldn’t find the jeans I wanted to wear — I had other jeans I could wear that were pretty much the same, but I wanted that pair of jeans. I couldn’t find them instantly after looking for less than a second, and I sat on my bed and cried,’ wrote user IAm_TulipFace.

‘I came home from work and my husband had not made rice,’ said user TheBrontosaurus. ‘I want to be perfectly clear. I had not asked my husband to make rice. I made no mention of rice when he had called me an hour earlier.

‘I simply decided halfway home that all I wanted to eat for dinner was eggs on rice and that somehow my husband would understand that with his magical ESP powers. I cried for twenty minutes then thanked him for the pasta he had made.’

User Umbronzer wrote: ‘My sister had a moment when she ugly cried because her cat was going to die someday (not anytime soon, but one day in the far future). I’ve cried while eating pizza over a trash can in the dishpit at work.’

‘The laundry wasn’t folded when I opened up the dryer (why would it be?). Another time I was reading a description of some hill in a book and cried because I would never get to see this beautiful hill,’ wrote Gllowcloud.

‘I was about to eat a yogurt and I dropped my spoon on the floor so I cried. I had other spoons… but that one was mine,’ Slothsonaspaceship shared.

Some women weren’t menstruating but pregnant, which can rev up hormones and send emotions all over the place.

‘I’m pregnant. My mom was at the store and I was at home. I asked for a butterfinger and my mom didn’t get it because she said I didn’t need it,’ said another of the reason she cried.

‘My favorite story from when I was pregnant!’ recalled user Universaling. ‘I cried over a bacon sandwich. I was hungry and in pain and tired, so I asked my fiancé to make me lunch. He goes into the kitchen and starts doing so. I start thinking about how much I probably annoy him and go hide in another bedroom’s closet to cry.

One woman remembered how, when she was eight months pregnant, she had a double dose of crying in a grocery store.

‘I could smell food being made in the lunch area, but I could not eat it. I cried for about 5 min while pushing the cart around trying to do my shopping, when my husband showed up with a sandwich for me to eat, it was the smell I was crying about,’ she said.

Whoops! Most of them seem to realize in hindsight that they were crying for silly reasons

‘Then I proceeded to cry HARDER because he was “such a wonderful man for knowing why I was crying, and oh my god this food is so good.’

‘He finally finds me, and I’m BAWLING. He asks if I’m okay. I shake my head no. He asks if I still want the sandwich. I nod my head. He asks if he should stay in the room. I shake my head. So he closes the closet door and I sat there and cried and ate my sandwich.’

Some stories were shared by significant others who patiently put up with the crying, like one man who wrote, ‘My wife was about 8 months pregnant and is a teacher, it was during summer break and I get home and she’s just on the couch crying…

‘I was worried obviously and I finally got her to tell me what was wrong… she was bored… crying like a baby because she was bored… literally bored to tears… I couldn’t help but laugh, which made her laugh too.’

‘My girlfriend just cried reading this thread,’ quipped another man.

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