Woodstock 50th anniversary festival in the works for 2019

A 50th anniversary Woodstock festival is being planned for 2019 by Ulster County resident Michael Lang, a promoter for the 1969 gathering.

“We have definite plans,” Lang told the Journal on Friday.

He added: “I’m excited. I am indeed.”

Lang has served as the public face of this historic concert for five decades.

Details on performers, a date and location were not available. 

Lang said: “These are plans. This is not a done deal yet. But it’s very close.”

An official announcement will be coming soon, he said

Doug Lucy of Fishkill, 65, said he is definitely interested to hear more about a possible anniversary festival.

“If they do it in the right place and it’s not crazy expensive, I think it would great,” he said. “I’d definitely be interested, really interested to see who is going to be there.”

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