Workers at restaurants reveal the meals you should ALWAYS avoid

Chain restaurant workers reveal the meals you should ALWAYS avoid ordering for hygiene reasons (and self-serve ice cream is off the menu!)

  • Staff at chain restaurants in the US and UK reveal the dodgiest options on menus
  • They say ice cream machines and soda fountains can be mouldy and unclean
  • Another advised not to pick a smoothie because you think it’s a healthy choice 

Restaurant workers have shared some alarming secrets of the chains where they work – and it may well put you off eating out for a while.

Staff at famous chain restaurants in the US and UK revealed that there are meals they would never order at the eatery where they work because they know how it is made.

More than 1,600 people responded to a Reddit user who asked: ‘Chain restaurant workers of Reddit, which meal should we avoid at all costs?’

One said avoid self-serve ice cream as sometimes the machines aren’t cleaned properly, while another said wait a few seconds before filling up your cup from a fizzy drink dispenser.

Several workers advised customers to avoid self-serve ice cream machines and soda fountains because the machines get dirty and mouldy.

One said they pulled ‘a chunk of mould’ from a soda foundation at US chain Ruby Tuesdays because their co-worker never cleaned it.

Another restaurant worker said that there was often ‘green fungus’ in ice cream machines because they only got cleaned every few months. 

This repair worker said you should always avoid ice cream machine products for hygiene reasons

A former Ruby Tuesdays staff member said that they once pulled a ‘chunk of mold’ from a soda fountain once

This worker also agreed that ice cream machines don’t get cleaned often enough and often have ‘green fungus’ within

This former restaurant worker said that cheap sushi containing raw fish was unlikely to be high quality and could give you food poisoning

These workers advised running a fizzy drink dispenser for a few seconds before you begin to allow the fountain to pour out fresh beverages. Another said if the nozzle is a different colour to the drink it’s pouring out, then don’t use it

This former staff member said that one time he saw a co-worker drop a day’s worth of ingredients on the floor and the manager scooped them up and sold them to customers

This former Smoothie King worker said don’t be fooled into thinking smoothies are necessarily healthy

Instead of what not to order, this former McDonald’s staff member said you can order a Big Mac hack by asking for a McDouble, with extra Big Mac sauce, and shredded lettuce for half the price

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