Yale Students 'Breakup' During Graduation Speech in Front of Hillary Clinton

The comedy duo attempted to draw comparisons between a college break-up and graduating.

Two Yale students, Rebecca Shaw and Ben Kronengold, "broke up" onstage during their graduation speeches last week.

Their apparent split went viral with over 2.7 million views on Youtube.

However, the supposed breakup was really just for show and was performed to not only elicit laughs but prove a point.

Shaw and Kronengold, who are comedy writers, even had the former first lady laughing.

Kronengold attempted to draw allusions between a college break-up and graduating, telling his peers, "Yale is like any relationship or any friendship."
"So, don’t give up on Yale, don’t leave these days behind and when you’re looking back."

Hillary Clinton gave the class of 2018 some words of wisdom herself: "Everyone gets knocked down, what matters is whether you get back up and keep going."

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