You can buy a toilet timer to stop your partner hiding away on their phone

Does your partner spend too long on the toilet?

If you’re tired of waiting around to use the loo, this product could be for you.

You can buy a Toilet Timer by Katamco on Amazon for £11.50.

The novelty product is a traditional sand timer with a difference.

Instead of passing through an hourglass, the sand comes out of a cartoon man’s bottom.

It serves as a reminder to get off your phone and concentrate on the task at hand.

The product makes a great joke present for the toilet-obsessed people in your life.

Its description reads: “Explosively funny gag gift or Christmas stocking stuffer idea for your favourite stinker.

“Now there's a fun way to keep toilet clogging hogs from loafing around in the bathroom!”

Amazon shoppers can’t get enough of the novelty item.

It’s got more than 1,500 positive reviews on the online website, where it’s got a 4.5 out of 5 star rating.

One happy customer laughed: “The men in my house needed this. Who spends 40 minutes on the toilet?”

Another said: “This product is HYSTERICAL!! I've shown it to so many people and everyone loves it and laughs so hard!!

“Helpful for my son who'd otherwise spend an hour in the bathroom.”

And a third added: “Bought this as a gift since it made me laugh when I first saw it. Great way to poke fun of someone you know who spends way too long sitting on the toilet.

“It is super easy to reset by just spinning the timer which just slides the sand back up to the top cavity.

“Worked perfectly right out of the box and looks cute in the bathroom!”

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