You Can Buy ‘Toy Story 4’ Ice Cream Stuffed With Chocolate Buzz Lightyears

The Year Of Our Nostalgia 2019 is already coming for ’90s kids in a big way. Not only do we have Toy Story 4 and the live action versions of Aladdin and The Lion King to contend with emotionally, but we have all of the new merch about to hit shelves, ready to hit us in the feels at any moment. It may seem early days, y’all, but the emotions have already begun: it looks like you’ll be able to buy Toy Story 4-themed ice cream in two new mouthwatering flavors soon.

The knowledge of these adorable ice cream cartons comes by way of @candyhunting, a popular food Instagrammer who shared images of Edy’s new flavors on Feb. 13. The first comes in a yellow container featuring Woody alongside two new characters we got a glimpse of in the recently released Super Bowl teaser — that flavor is "Cinnamon Churro Carnival Combo," and appears to have a vanilla base with streaks of cinnamon and chunks of churro in it. The second, a blue carton, features Woody, Buzz, and a third character who might be a spoon (?). It’s "Chocolate Peanut Butter Midway Mash-Up," with a chocolate ice cream base, streaks of peanut butter, and — be still my dweeby intergalactic heart — chocolate pieces shaped like Buzz Lightyear himself.

Confirming the existence of these ice creams are listings on Instacart — so although they might not have hit shelves near you yet, it seems as though they are definitely on the way. It’s worth noting that the flavors are not yet listed on the Edy’s website, but you can get a sense for where you should start looking by using the product locator for existing flavors. That said, this might not be getting a wide release for a little while — Toy Story 4 isn’t out in theaters until June 21, meaning this might be more of a ~summer ice cream~ situation.

In case you aren’t up to date with the goings-on of Toy Story 4, the most recent glimpse we got into the new addition in the classic series came during the Super Bowl, when a teaser trailer dropped. It was only 30 seconds, but it did give us quite the hilarious introduction to some of our new toy friends whose faces are gracing the ice cream cartons, and also the iconic line "To infinity … and my foot!" If you, too, happened to miss this because you were openly weeping over the Avengers 4 teaser that dropped ahead of this, here it is in its full glory.

Anyway, the TL;DR of this is that this time when you no doubt leave the theater openly weeping the way we all did after Toy Story 3, you’ll have some thematically-appropriate ice cream to help mop you up on the other side. Keep an eye out for these in your local grocery freezer aisle, and get your tissues ready. This year is going to be a wild ride for ’90s kids from start to finish.

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