Young people prefer sight seeing to sex on holiday

Last year saw the end of the 18-30 holiday.

Previously a classic way to go on holiday and come back with a sunburn, some notches on your bedpost and something which required a dose of antibiotics, the club 18-30 holiday had to be ended due to lack of interest because, well, people aged 18-30 weren’t interested.

Some blamed the rise of the airbnb and cheap package flights, which made it easier to plan a non package holiday. Others suggested that young people are just too square to enjoy an 18-30 trip.

A year on Thomas Cook, who were one of the main providers of the 18-30 trip, did a survey to find out what kind of holidays young people (millennials and gen z) enjoy, now that body shots and foam parties aren’t in vogue.

We’re not sure how a desire to see museums and religious temples equates to ‘wanting better Instagram fodder’, but with that kind of understanding of younger clients, perhaps it’s not surprising that package holidays are on the skids.

*Again, only some of the people aged 18-25 asked were millennials, who are currently aged 23-38. 

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