Your horoscope with Lilith

This week retrograde Jupiter overhauls relationships. Retrograde Saturn refines and restructures. Retrograde Pluto uncovers what you don't, and may not want to know.

TAURUS: As Saturn continues its bootcamp on what works, what doesn't and what could, the friend/finance axis could be tricky this week, with relationships strained from money worries over unexpected expenses. But hey, it's your Taurean month in the sun, so don't let economics derail any birthday fun.

For Taureans, the friend/finance axis could be tricky this week.

GEMINI: Venus has you popular this week, and busy making that work for you. She's favouring shopping, networking and fun-style upgrades – how good is that? Which includes a service and tune-up to your physical vehicle too. In what way? Well, at the very least when someone asks 'how are you?', pausing to check in.

CANCER: If backstage shenanigans result in a disappointing fizzle where you expected sizzle, it just goes to show how crucial it is, this week as always, to get the right people on your team. How? Don't be steered by nostalgia, or unpleasant past experiences, because those dragons have already passed by. Look to current conditions.

LEO: While conservative might not be your style, flamboyance, flash and leonine extravagance might not go down so well this week when it's not a good idea to exaggerate, aggrandise, inflate or overestimate. Aim for accuracy and restraint; if there's a loose cannon, don't let it be you. Once something's out there, you mightn't be able to backtrack.

VIRGO: With Mercury in Aries telling it like it is, no beating about the bush, disclosure could hit a raw nerve this week. Check if what people are doing and what they're saying's in sync, or is it not congruent? In which case the old saying applies that actions speak louder than words.

LIBRA: While others might fight about being right, Librans like to keep life light and bright, not dwelling on problems, complaints or escalating expenses – especially with Venus at her most entertaining and amusing. This week comfort comes in simple pleasures, familiar friends, reliable pastimes and your personal forte, making things beautiful.

SCORPIO: Unlike front-of-house Leos, Scorpios are backstage managers involved in the art of expressing what's normally hidden. Along with other retrograde planets excavating, mining, digging up old secrets, truffling for buried treasure, storyteller Jupiter in Scorpio's engaged in important cave work bringing to light stories that aren't being told – yours and others.

SAGITTARIUS: This week's dance steps? Steady and measured. Planetary retrogrades and cross-currents are demonstrating the benefits available of coming to an impasse, a standstill, a full stop. Of being slow-cooked in the internal process of self-revelation. Of conserving energy. Discerning rather than judging. Practising the fine art of compromise.

CAPRICORN: With current conditions a bit stubborn, here's this week's list of to-dos and to-don'ts. Don't dig into an entrenched position, or paint yourself into a corner because people don't agree with you and won't follow your lead – a branch that can't bend is more likely to snap. Do choose quiet strength and wise governance.

AQUARIUS: You're an air sign, and this week needs aerating. A fun way to take in oxygen? Laughing. Though be advised that what you find achingly amusing, others may not. Your main planet, path-opening Uranus, recommends the path of least resistance: not taking on too much. Being discreet about who you confide in.

PISCES: Rearranging plans may exasperate others this week, but why have a mind if you can't change it? You're just doing your job of testing everyone's flexibility levels. If others are heavy, pressuring, bossy or obstinate, don't fall into their gloomy view; charm them out of it during late week Pisces moon.

ARIES: A certain amount of cosmic turbulence isn't unexpected with game-changing Uranus preparing to exit your sign. If getting something done hits too-hard-basket status this week, take that as your cue to step back, practise the underrated art of patience and review the situation. Is a sounder foundation needed?

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