You’ve been opening ketchup bottle all wrong as woman shares trick

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A mum has claimed she had found the "right" way to open a ketchup bottle without removing the seal.

Laura divided the internet when she shared the condiment hack on TikTok and said she was "today years old" when she learned about the trick.

Sharing on TikTok, she takes out a squeezy bottle and explains: "I found out this little piece under the ketchup cap is used to poke a hole in the centre of the cover so that it is easier to get the ketchup out without having to remove the seal.

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"Like did anybody else notice?"

Viewers, however, were not too sure of it and some even said it's "incorrect".

One said: "I mean it works for that reason but that's not why it's there.

"It's to plug the hole so it doesn't get dried up ketchup in it."

Another addressed the issue: "It makes zero difference because the ketchup goes through the same size hole in the cap anyway."

"That’s wrong," a third added. "Also the ketchup is much much easier when the entire film lid is removed."

The "ketchup cap hack" is not the only trick you could "learn" from TikTok, one user shared an "ice bag hack" to show people how to "correctly" open ice cube bags.

To remove the ice, the woman simply stretches the bag horizontally and vertically, which causes the segments in the bag to transform into a sack.

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All the ice cubes fall into the bottom at once and you can take how many ice cubes you need without spending time to pry out them individually.

People have also found out something interesting about Sierra Tequila bottles.

It turned out the tiny sombreros on the top of the bottle has more to do than just decorations – you can dip your shot glasses into it to line it with salt.


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