10 Sports That Seem To Create Multi-Millionaires

There are plenty of ways and methods to make lots of money in this life, but there’s certainly an argument to be made that playing professional sports is the best way to try and achieve that goal.

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We aren’t here to suggest that every athlete on the face of the planet lives in a lovely three-story home with 12 bedrooms and three living rooms, but what we are saying is that certain sports offer up a great opportunity for people to really excel, going above and beyond to secure a strong future both for themselves and their own families. Prepare to get your running shoes on.

10 Cricket

While cricket may not be the biggest or most notable sport on the planet in the eyes of many Americans, it’s actually much bigger and more entertaining than most critics actually realize.

That’s especially the case in India, where the IPL pays the big bucks. In terms of well-known stars, it appears as if Ben Stokes is up there with the big dogs, to the point where we’re starting to see quite a few millionaires emerge. Whether or not they can maintain that, of course, remains to be seen.

9 Hockey

It’s one of the top four North American sports, but it’s certainly seen as the little brother. That shouldn’t really be the case given the overwhelming popularity it has throughout many top cities in the US and Canada, in addition to the superstars that it breeds.

Alexander Ovechkin has been an absolute sensation regarding star power, quickly ascending to the very top of his craft – which, eventually, led to him winning a Stanley Cup with his team after so many years of trying to do so. Fair play to the big man.

8 Motorsports

It turns out that riding around in a really fancy car over and over leads to quite a lot of money being offered out to the winners. Who knew?

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Formula 1 is arguably the most notable of the motorsport genres, with Lewis Hamilton really doubling down on how much he earns. It helps that he tends to win a big race every other week, but either way, you’ve also got NASCAR which appears to have a great deal of cash attached to it. That’s mainly due to big sponsorship deals, which appear to be growing day by day.

7 Golf

Tiger Woods. That’s all you really need to say because the guy is one of the highest-earning stars there’s ever been. It might be one of the slower forms of sporting entertainment to be found across the world, but let’s not pretend like it isn’t dramatic.

Winning an individual tournament could earn you enough money to quite literally last you a lifetime which, in itself, is a great feeling (or so we imagine it to be). Some people confuse it as being a posh sport, but we prefer it to be labelled as ‘high-end’.

6 Tennis

Tennis is an incredibly physical sport and that much is just kind of obvious, but the majors make it more than worth your time.

It’s gotten to the point where a lot of the big stars don’t even bother with some of the smaller tournaments, which still offer up a great deal of cash because they know that they’ll earn a whole lot from the likes of Wimbledon, Australian Open, French Open and US Open. Roger Federer isn’t exactly going to struggle for cash, and the same goes for Nadal, Djokovic and Murray.

5 Basketball

Michael Jordan is well known for being one of, if not the one and only, highest-paid athletes in the history of sport as a whole. Basketball is a fast-paced sport that attracts people from all walks of life, and it also seems to create superstars seemingly out of absolutely nothing.

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LeBron James has done a phenomenal job of taking over from Jordan and Kobe Bryant as the main man behind the continued growth of the sport, and it would appear to be in its healthiest position in quite a long time.

4 Boxing

There’s nothing quite like the grandeur of a major boxing event, regardless of the weight class or even gender. Some of the biggest sporting icons on the planet have come from the boxing world, from Muhammad Ali to Floyd Mayweather and beyond.

Canelo Alvarez is the big face of the sport in the modern era, to the point where he’s receiving some insane payments in order to continue dominating at pretty much every weight class he competes at. Boxing is healthier than it has been in a long time – but the same can’t necessarily be said for the boxers themselves.

3 Football

The Super Bowl alone charges millions upon millions of dollars for advertising, and that trickles down to many of the organizations and players that feature in the league. It isn’t quite as long as the other three main North American sports when it comes to the number of games they play, and for good reason.

Every single week is a spectacle that needs to be seen in order to be believed, and they consistently build that drama up magnificently well. Plus, Tom Brady has an amazing house and loads of cash, so it must be a good career path.

2 Baseball

How can you not be romantic about baseball? It’s the founding sport of American culture in the eyes of many and it’s not hard to see why. Films like Moneyball truly do encapsulate both the beauty and the horror of the sport, with the financial side quite obviously being a running theme behind all of that.

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There’s nothing wrong with putting your finances behind a sport and just sort of going for it – even if it’s deemed to be boring from the outside looking in. As we look ahead to the future, though, we do wonder where the growth and sustainability is going to come from.

1 Association Soccer

It’s well known for being the most popular sport in the world, mainly because it’s just so overwhelmingly ‘inclusive’ and universal. Plus, players get paid an insane amount of money every single week in order to entertain the thousands upon thousands of fans that turn out to see them.

The two highest-paid and best players in the world are Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, and it’s no accident that they also feature right at the top of the financial food chain – which is a distinction they’ll likely hold for many years to come.

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