15 Things That Could Happen At WWE Money In The Bank

Sure, WrestleMania is billed as the biggest wrestling show of the year and the Royal Rumble is the one that often carries the most excitement for longtime fans, but the annual Money in the Bank PPV usually has the most potential to deliver something truly crazy!

With this year’s Money in the Bank set to emanate from Chicago’s Allstate Arena on June 17, fans expectations are high when it comes to seeing some truly electric action. Not only are there two Money in the Bank matches, but there’s also the prospect of AJ Styles defending his WWE Championship against Shinsuke Nakamura in a Last Man Standing contest.

To quickly brush you up to speed, of course, a Money in the Bank match sees competitors battling for a briefcase that’s dangling teasingly above the ring. That’s where the ladders come into play and we all know how brutal and unforgiving ladders can be in the wrestling world.

What’s so important about this briefcase, then? Why, within it is a guaranteed title shot at any time or place that the winner deems suitable. So, pretty high stakes, right? To say a Money in the Bank win has skyrocketed the careers of many superstars would be a huge understatement. Just after the likes of Edge, CM Punk, and the Miz; all of whom saw their stock taken to the next level after winning one of those swanky MiTB briefcases.

Like any other year, Money in the Bank is expected to be a great show, and there’s plenty of buzz about a whole host of topics and matches heading in to this annual extravaganza. And here, we’ve got 15 predictions as to what you can expect to see when all is said and done at Money in the Bank.

15 Big E To Represent The New Day

In the build up to Money in the Bank, we saw the New Day win a spot in the coveted men’s Money in the Bank ladder match. Unfortunately for the trio, that spot is only for one of this hugely popular group’s members, and we’ve yet to find out just which New Day talent is going to try and take home the MiTB briefcase come June 17.

If the latest rumors are to be believed, the New Day won’t actually reveal who’ll be competing in the match until the night of the Money in the Bank PPV. Until then, fans will be left guessing whether it’ll be Xavier Woods, Kofi Kingston, or Big E who’ll be representing the New Day in that bout.

Let us tell you know though, it will be Big E who’ll be tasked with trying to win the Money in the Bank briefcase.

In fairness, an argument could be made for all three members to get their shot in the match; Woods receiving the biggest reaction on a recent SmackDown episode in which the Miz polled the audience on who they’d like to see in the match; Kofi having the veteran status that would seem to indicate he’s the most naturally deserving of the shot; and Big E being the dominant powerhouse of the group who seems the more natural fit to explore the singles ranks.

Mark our words though, come Money in the Bank, it’ll be former NXT Champion Big E who’ll be the one given the nod.

14 The IC Title To Walk With Elias

Over the past six months or so, Elias has come into his own as a true main event act. Sure, he may not be at the top, top level when it comes to his in-ring work, but as a character and an act he has been phenomenal.

Whether you prefer to walk with Elias or not, there’s no questioning that the Drifter is seen as an important cog in the Monday Night Raw machine at this point; as highlighted by the time given to Elias on Raw and PPV on such a consistent basis. Could he leave Money in the Bank as the Intercontinental Champion, though?

As of this writing, it’s yet to be made official, but it looks as if Elias is being lined up to challenge Seth Rollins for his IC Title at MiTB. If you believe certain reports, the WWE decision-makers may actually make the call to have Elias walk out with the gold once all is said and done at Money in the Bank. Those same reports suggest that the white-hot Rollins could then chase after Elias and the title for the next month or two.

Of course, if this does indeed happen, one silver lining is that a Rollins who isn’t Intercontinental Champion could well be a more suitable fit to then step up and challenge Brock Lesnar for the Universal Championship at this year’s SummerSlam.

13 The Monster In The Bank

We know, we know. That “Monster in the Bank” line that’s been used on WWE programming is cringe-inducing, but hey, at least once the Money in the Bank PPV is over then we won’t have to hear that line until next year’s event, right? Well, unless Braun Strowman does indeed win the men’s MiTB match and walk out of the event as Mr. Money in the Bank. Or is that Monster in the Bank? Either way, you get what we mean.

From where we’re sat though, don’t expect Strowman to leave Money in the Bank with the briefcase in his hands. No, that honor looks destined to end up with a superstar on the SmackDown brand right now (which we’ll get to a little later in this article).

What you can expect from Braun, however, is carnage, carnage, and more carnage. But that’s kind of his M.O. by this point in the game, so that’s no major surprise. Expect the former Wyatt Family member to be the dominant force in the men’s Money in the Bank match, but don’t expect him to leave the bout as the victor.

Strowman doesn’t need the MiTB briefcase right now, and you could easily see him positioned to challenge for Brock Lesnar’s Universal Championship over the next few months regardless of a Money in the Bank win or not. If anything, winning that briefcase would hurt Braun at this point. After all, he’s the all-conquering monster babyface who can beat any man at any time that he wishes. So why would he need to take the shortcut that the Money in the Bank briefcase offers up? It just makes no sense.

Braun Strowman will be an utter wrecking bell at the Money in the Bank PPV, but don’t expect him to be celebrating by the time all is said and done.

12 Nia Jax To Turn To The Dark Side

Depending on how you look at it, Nia Jax has kind of already turned heel in the build-up to her Women’s Championship defence against Ronda Rousey at Money in the Bank. For some though, Jax is still just about a babyface. By the time the Money in the Bank PPV is done and dusted, however, it could well be that Nia fully embraces the dark side and becomes a full-on bad girl.

It’s not all that long since Jax has actually been on the “good” side of the fence, with her feud with Alexa Bliss being the catalyst for that turn. Since then, the real-life cousin of the Rock has kissed babies, championed anti-bullying campaigns, and constantly made it abundantly clear that you just simply need to be yourself regardless of what others say.

Still, that act had already started to wear a little thin before the current Women’s Champion challenged Rousey to a match, and it looks as if Nia Jax’s days as a babyface are numbered right now.

While it seems unlikely that Nia would get a pinfall or submission victory over Ronda at this point – because, err, it’s Ronda frickin’ Rousey – it may be that she ends up getting disqualified. Then again, another option is that Jax sees red and assaults Ronda after taking a loss to the MMA legend badly. Or then there’s that other option…

11 Stephanie Gets A New Recruit

It may not quite be the Authority that Daniel Bryan went up against, but it could well be that a new alliance of sorts is formed at Money in the Bank. That alliance being between Stephanie McMahon and Nia Jax.

If the plan is for Nia Jax to go fully heel, how better to do it than by joining forces with the ever-hated Stephanie? The Billion Dollar Princess is a heat magnet who gets insta-boos from arenas across the world – to the point where TV viewers often find themselves changing the channel when Stephanie is on screen.

This would all fit together perfectly given how McMahon and Ronda Rousey have had issues stemming all the way back to WrestleMania 31 when Rousey came from the crowd to help Dwayne Johnson in a confrontation against Triple H and Stephanie.

Sure, Steph may be playing it cool and saying she’s over her WrestleMania 34 beating from Rousey right now on WWE programming, but we all know it’s never quite that simple with a McMahon. As such, Stephanie aligning with Nia Jax to take down Ronda seems like a very real possibility when Jax defends her Women’s Championship against Rousey at the upcoming Money in the Bank PPV.

10 Natalya For The Win

To many wrestling fans, if you asked them who the very best female wrestler in the WWE is these days, they answer with Natalya. The Hart Dungeon graduate is one of the most respected ladies in the game, and she’s arguably the best technical wrestling under a WWE contract right now. In fact, the only person that can really match her between the ropes is Becky Lynch and possibly Mickie James. Oh, and Asuka. Always, always Asuka.

The point being, Nattie is a hugely respected veteran of the squared circle, yet she’s often been overlooked during her lengthy tenure with the WWE. At present though, she makes the most sense to win the Money in the Bank briefcase in the ladies’ MiTB bout.

Given how the WWE has done its best to regularly hit its audience over the head with how Natalya and Ronda Rousey really, really, really are best buds these days, Nattie winning the briefcase would add an extra dimension to proceedings.

After all, Natalya having a guaranteed title shot whenever she feels like it is a natural fit, particularly if it’s her BFF who just so happens to be the Women’s Champion should Rousey successfully defeat Nia Jax at Money in the Bank.

The story writes itself, it really does. But then again, the WWE often seems to purposely go the opposite way when logic is calling.

9 Best Friends To Become Bitter Enemies

Following on from that last entry, one potential happening for the Money in the Bank PPV follows on from that thread of Natalya winning the women’s briefcase at the PPV. The only difference this time out is that Nattie doesn’t bide her time in cashing in said briefcase and the contract that’s contained within it. For this speculated happening to come true, it requires for Ronda Rousey to win the Women’s Championship. And let’s face it, unless there’s some underhand behaviour from Nia Jax and/or Stephanie McMahon, Rousey should be walking out of Money in the Bank with the Women’s Championship around her waist. With Natalya coming down to seemingly celebrate with her BFF, Neidhart would then swerve Ronda and instead cash-in the MiTB briefcase that she’s won earlier that night.

Of course, one way to go would be to follow the example of Seth Rollins at WrestleMania 31. As in, just when Rousey looks to have her match (and the championship) won, Nattie comes down and cashes in her MiTB briefcase and contract mid-match and ends up shocking the world by leaving as the Women’s Champion, defeating Jax in the process and leaving Ronda as still undefeated.

It seems that Rousey and Neidhart are destined to go head-to-head at some point in the near-future – potentially at SummerSlam – and this would be the perfect way for this friendship to crumble and the spark of a rivalry to ignite.

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8 American Alpha To Reunite

In fairness, this could well happen before the Money in the Bank show – and it may even have happened by the time you’re reading this, depending on how quickly you snuffle up this feature. But something that seems imminent right now is that American Alpha could be reuniting as some point in the extremely near future. American Alpha, of course, is a tag team that formed in NXT several years ago. Consisting of Chad Gable and Jason Jordan, the tandem would go on to achieve success in both NXT and on the SmackDown brand. That duo would go their separate ways once Jordan was moved over to Raw after it was revealed that he was Kurt Angle’s long-lost son.

With Gable now on Raw, the Olympian has been on the wrong end of several two-on-one beatdowns from Drew McIntyre and Dolph Ziggler in the past few weeks. As Jordan is ready and cleared to return from the injury that caused him to miss this year’s WrestleMania, what better way for him to be brought back to in-ring action than by joining his former American Alpha running buddy and reuniting the team?

As mentioned, this could actually all take place before the upcoming PPV, and it may even be that this is a short-lived alliance that sees the former partners ultimately feud with one another. Either way, expect Jason Jordan to be back on your screens shortly; quite likely as part of an American Alpha reunion.

7 Carmella Isn’t Ready For Asuka

Ever since Asuka first debuted in NXT several years ago, one of the Empress of Tomorrow’s main mantras has been that no one is ready for Asuka. That would prove true for over two years, as the impressive Japanese grappler ran through opponent after opponent after opponent, from NXT to Monday Night Raw before finally suffering her first defeat against Charlotte Flair at WrestleMania 34.

For Money in the Bank, Asuka is set to challenge Carmella for the SmackDown brand’s Women’s Championship. And unless the Princess of Staten Island has something special up her sleeve, you can expect Asuka to walk out of the PPV with the title in her possession.

Of course, now that Asuka has suffered her first defeat, that gives the WWE decision-makers a little more leeway with how they book her going forward. To some degree, she isn’t hurt by a defeat of some sort at the moment, although there’s the argument to be made that Asuka is a huge star and should be thrust back into the spotlight once again at the quickest convenience. And what better way to put her back on centre-stage than by having her parading around as the top female on SmackDown — especially if this next happening comes to pass.

6 Becky To Get Out Of Her Rut

For anyone who’s been keeping an eye on the SmackDown brand for the past several months, you’ll be well aware that Becky Lynch has been in quite the slump; losing match after match, often to wrestlers who, quite frankly, aren’t anywhere near being on the Lass Kicker’s level.

It’s an age-old storyline, but right now Becky is on a losing streak. And we all know where that often leads a superstar, particularly when they’re an all-out babyface who does their best to fight the good fight. Yep, they have a change of heart and start playing dirty. Sadly, Becky has often been overlooked on SmackDown for the past year or so; pretty much ever since she lost the Women’s Championship back in December 2016. As much as she’s still adored by the fans, it seems that a heel turn could well be the best thing for the Becky Lynch character right now.

So long as she’s a babyface, she’ll be stood in line behind Charlotte Flair and Asuka, and so a change of attitude could do wonders for Lynch.

Whether she wins the Money in the Bank briefcase or not, a Becky turn at the Money in the Bank PPV seems like the logical move right now. Sure, winning the briefcase in an underhand way would do the job, but the key to all of this would be if Lynch ends up costing Charlotte the match somehow — which then sets these two Horsewomen off to the races for an extensive feud before Becky then moves on to challenge Asuka down the line.

5 SAnitY To Make Their Presence Felt

Who?! You know, that group than ran roughshod through NXT for a while. Remember, they were called up to the SmackDown brand following the Superstar Shake-Up? Haven’t been seen since? We jest, but the non-appearance of SAnitY on SmackDown has left many a wrestling fan scratching their head. From the online rumors and speculation out there, it seems that the reason that the Eric Young-led group has been held off from making their SmackDown debut is simply down to creative being unsure on how to use them right now.

Fans were given a few vignettes to say that SAnitY were on their way to SmackDown, and what better place to introduce them then the impending Money in the Bank show? At that PPV, the Bludgeon Brothers are due to defend their Tag Team Championships against the tandem of Karl Anderson and Luke Gallows.

It would seem maybe a little early to take the belts off Harper and Rowan, and it would be yet another kick in the teeth should the Good Brothers be handed another big loss when it matters. So, to get around that and to have SAnitY introduced with a bang, what better than to have the trio of Young, Killian Dain and Alexander Wolfe interrupt the match and instantly throw themselves into the SmackDown Tag Team Title picture? Make it happen!

4 The Lunatic Fringe To Return?

Having seemingly ran through the majority of options for getting Roman Reigns somehow cheered by the majority of the WWE Universe, the bold decision was made to reunite the Shield. After all, this is a stable that was hugely popular with fans across the board during their first dominant run, and both Dean Ambrose and Seth Rollins were beloved by audiences. So, putting Roman back together with his “brothers” was a guaranteed way to get the crowd behind the Big Dog, right? Kind of. While Reigns was starting to be slightly better received by audiences, the wheels well and truly fell of the Shield reunion when Ambrose suffered a biceps tear and was ruled out of action. Having had several months on the shelf, the time for the Lunatic Fringe’s return seems imminent right now — and that could potentially happen at Money in the Bank.

Just what any sort of MiTB return would entail for Ambrose remains to be seen, and there’s even speculation over just what role the former WWE Champion would be placed in upon said return; some believing that now could be the right time to finally turn Ambrose heel and let him off the leash a little.

Maybe an Ambrose return seems him involved with one of his Shield brethren or maybe he screws somebody out of the Money in the Bank briefcase. Either way, a return at Money in the Bank seems like a legit possibility right now.

3 The Miz To Become Mr. Money In The Bank

If you look at things logically, you’d have to imagine that the ladies’ Money in the Bank briefcase ends up with a Raw talent, while the men’s MiTB briefcase could well head on over to SmackDown Live. And when looking at that men’s match, one competitor stands out from the pack as being the best man to take home the prize. That man, ladies and gentlemen, is the Miz.

Why does the Awesome One make so much sense to become Mr. Money in the Bank? Well, there’s several reasons.

Let’s get this one out of the way, but first and foremost the Miz quite frankly deserves another shot at becoming a true main eventer once more. Yes, the whole “you deserve it” thing is nauseating at times, yet this is something that is most certainly applicable to the Miz in every possible way. From floating in limbo a little, Mike Mizanin has taken the bull by the horns and made himself into a true top-tier talent over the past year or so; a talent who demands the main event spotlight and to be in the WWE Championship mix. Simply put, he’s on a roll right now, and that roll should culminate in him once again becoming the WWE Champion — and what better way to do so than be cashing-in the MiTB briefcase?

Away from that, fans have been foaming at the mouth to see the cocksure Miz finally get his comeuppance against Daniel Bryan. And how better to do that than have the WWE Championship added to the mix, either with Bryan chasing the cashed-in Miz’s championship, or with Miz getting uber-heat by cashing-in on a D-Bry who has been freshly-crowned WWE Champ down the line?

2 One more spot

While Charlotte Flair, Becky Lynch, Naomi, Lana, Alexa Bliss, Ember Moon and Natalya already got themselves a spot on the ladder, there’s still one more spot open — a chance for a female wrestler to literally climb their way to the top. This Monday Night Raw will determine who gets that last spot between Mickie James, Dana Brooke, Bayley, Sacha Bank, and the members of the Riot Squad. We’ll just have to wait and see who will been the gauntlet and get have their chance to win themselves a contract to challenge a World Champion any time they please.

1 AJ should protect himself

While the rivalry between AJ Styles and Shinsuke Nakamura has been great to watch develop over the weeks following WrestleMania 34 — with Nakamura’s heel turn giving new life to his character — the one thing that’s irked many people is that the feud has often revolved around nut shots. You’ve got two of the greatest in-ring talents of the past decade or more, and here you have the WWE booking them in a feud that centres on them hitting each other in the balls. Go figure.

Anyway, here we are, heading in to Money in the Bank, and the duo is set to do battle in a Last Man Standing bout. While the match should be an absolute barnstormer, we all know that there’s somehow going to be nut shots involved along the way.

The way things have been booked so far, it seems as if Money in the Bank is the time for Styles to finally overcome the Artist — well, unless the WWE wants to put the belt on Nakamura — and to do so, it could well come down to a finish that sees both men again hit in their nether regions, only for AJ to get to his feet before the 10-count, revealing he had worn a cup to protect his Phenomenal Twos.

After all, that could then set the stage for the dream match of Styles defending the WWE Championship against Daniel Bryan at SummerSlam, Bryan winning for the big celebratory moment, only for the Miz to cash-in his Money in the Bank briefcase.

And that’s what’s called forward-thinking, folks.

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