20 Really Awkward Photos Of Athletes Partying Off The Court

When you’re rich and famous, partying is a way of life. For athletes what is a better way to relieve some stress after a bad game or to celebrate a win? Going out and blowing off some steam by drinking your woes away is just what they do. However, at least once in their lives, all athletes have that one moment where they get caught looking and acting crazy. It’s normally a combination of getting hyped up by friends and just having zero control that lands them in photos that show them having ZERO chill.

Some of these photos are funny, entertaining, and telling, while other photos show a very bizarre side of how different some of these athletes become when they overindulge. Let’s be honest, no one is beneath being called out in a photo or even taking a bad photo and surprise! That is what this article is all about. How bad some of these athletes look in these photos and the completely awkward positions they find themselves in is amazing. We aren’t here to judge but we can’t help but comment on what is happening in these photos and just how much we relish in the fact that celebrities don’t always take a good picture. It’s nice to know that regular people aren’t the only ones who go out and make complete fools of themselves. In addition, it’s fun to laugh at celebrities not looking their best because we always see them at their best moments. It projects a bit or realness that we can enjoy.

20 Michael Jordan

This has to be the least flattering photo of Michael Jordan we have ever seen. He looks like he is completely gone. Just straight up faded. Is he having a good time? We’re sure he is. Is he going to feel it in the morning? Of course. But then again, no one ever truly considers how they are going to feel after a night of partying. It may cross their mind, but they still usually make the decision to go all out. In this photo, you can tell that Jordan is past his prime, which means he is too darn old to be partying to the extent that he would look LIKE THIS. This man has kids, a wife, and a social responsibility. His eyes are bloodshot red and he has not a care in the world. We should maybe cut him some slack, seeing as he spent a majority of his 20’s and 30’s playing ball and being the responsible role model but you also have to wonder if at his age he can even handle partying to this extent. Thankfully now, he has gotten married again and his wife will most likely not stand for crap like this

19 Matt Schaub

Rumor has it, Matt Schaub, a quarterback for the Oakland Raiders was at a wedding when he thought it was okay to get trashed to the point of this. He seriously looks like he has no idea where he is, and at this point, he doesn’t give a damn. To make matters worse, the guy in the picture with him looks more like a fan than a family member and has not a care in the world that Schaub is out there and probably not even able to consent to a picture of himself looking like garbage. Schaub looks like he is so far gone that he is moving in slow motion and the world around him is just speeding through. The Twitter user who posted this photo said. “Can’t blame Schaub for getting hammered at a random wedding. The guy loses his Houston Texans job, gets run out of town and gets a one-year contract in Oakland to prove he’s not a degenerate. I’d be getting bombed, too.” That would give anyone a reason to lose their minds for a night or two. This guy just wants a night where he is wallowing in his sorrows, he has that I’m kind of faded but I can still stand up and strike a pose like I’m not. Sorry buddy, you’re wrong.

18 James Harden

In May 2017, James Harden decided to party away his problems after his team the Rockets were demolished by the Spurs. He was surrounded by good friends at a club called Set in Houston, where he enjoyed a performance by Travis Scott and popped bottles all night long. After partying at Set, he moved on to Dream, a gentlemen’s club, and continued to party even more. Maybe that’s where all these girls came from and where he lost his shirt. If only he had gone home after Set, he wouldn’t be pictured like this surrounded by a bunch of girls who look thirsty. There are so many questions— where did he get that hat from? Or better yet, why did he leave it on? Seriously, where is his shirt? Also, is he not worried that homegirl is about to jack his chain? Because we are. Why do some of these women look completely lost and others seem to know exactly what is going on? He’s chucking up the deuces like he is coherent but we have a sneaking suspicion that he is far from it. Harden is definitely someone who likes to go out and have a good time, and normally, he looks good doing it, but this time, we aren’t sure if it’s the shoddy lighting in the picture or if he just took things too far. Either way, he’s looking a little sick.

17 Gijs Van Hoecke

In 2012, an impressionable Gijs Van Hoecke was competing in the Olympics for cycling when he was abruptly sent home early. No one knew why until this picture was released of the then-20-year-old in London. He was completely gone— couldn’t walk by himself, couldn’t form sentences, and couldn’t even keep his eyes open. His clothes were drenched for some reason, we can only assume he spilled the last few drinks on himself, or worse off, he was so faded he puked on himself. If not for his teammate, Jonathan Dufrasne, he would have woken up on the floor of the club or worse. The Belgian Olympic committee was not impressed and they ordered him to pack his bags and leave immediately. They then released a statement that said, “[We] deplore this incident, which fortunately did not affect life in the Olympic Village and athletes trying to rest ahead of their competition.” Hoecke released his own statement that said, “I made a big mistake. I’m happy my parents didn’t tell me off. They understand that I needed this.” He looked like he had the best time of his life so, maybe it was worth it.

16 Chris Bosh

Here is an earlier photo of Chris Bosh looking prepubescent and partying at what looks to be a college party. He looks so fresh-faced as if he was just trying to keep up with the crowd. Not to mention, his hair is the best thing we have ever seen. The two girls posing with him look like they see him around at parties regularly but, the girl in the background looks like she is interested in striking up a conversation with him. Bosh’s smile looks like it was painful to get too, almost as if he was thinking too much about how he should smile. We can almost guarantee that if we showed Bosh this photo now, he would have no clue when it was taken or who those two girls were that were trying to get chummy with him. He is clearly so far beyond this picture by now, but there is nothing better than a throwback photo that shows just how nerdy and awkward a celebrity was before their prime. We can’t help but wonder what happened right after this photo was taken— did he fall off whatever he was sitting on or maybe he took one, or both, of those girls home?

15 Tiger Woods

Tiger Woods looks scary in this picture and when we initially saw it, we thought it was photoshopped because of how comical it looked. Nope. It wasn’t. This photo was taken at an after party for the 2013 Met Gala. Woods was there with his then-girlfriend, Lindsey Vonn, doing what rich people do, which is apparently getting dressed up in over the top outfits and enjoying whatever actually happens at the Met Gala besides the red carpet event. As per usual, Woods took things too far by getting completely plastered to the point where his mind was telling him to keep his eyes as wide open as possible in an effort to look normal. Unfortunately, when someone is inebriated, they can’t fully trust what their mind is telling them. One would assume that Woods would know this after years of looking like a complete fool when he would drink too much. Us Weekly reported that he had so much to drink that he had trouble walking up the stairs. At one point during the night, he supposedly fell on the floor and just sat there and waited for Vonn to come and help him get up.

14 Kyle Orton

Kyle Orton is a sloppy mess. He has been caught time and time again partying too hard, and ultimately, making himself look like a real fool. The funny thing is that there were so many photos to choose from to display his ridiculous behavior, one could really make a collage out of them. These two came from one night. You can really see how the night progressed through these two pictures. He started out a little faded and still trying to keep it classy then all of a sudden, he was so far gone he didn’t even have the dress shirt anymore. He can barely keep his eyes open, he looks like he’s having a good time but definitely won’t remember it. He probably didn’t even realize that these pictures were being taken, and yes, we are also speaking of the photo that he is posing for. Orton sticks out like a sore thumb in the NFL because his partying got him into so much trouble. Keep in mind he is only 35 and had already racked up one of the worst reputations in sports history. Don’t worry, he wasn’t alone. Some of his party mates are even on this list.

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13 Sophie Hosking

Here is another Olympics sports star from the 2012 London Olympics. Sophie Hosking was caught out and about having an interestingly inappropriate time in London before and after competing. The rowing champ let loose but quickly got some slack for her partying ways. A lot of the players that year caught a lot of flack for their partying because a few bad apples spoil it for the bunch. Homegirl was getting down but she looked like a deer in headlights when that camera flashed and she realized that someone caught her partying hard. First of all, she legit looks like a hot mess, as if she stepped out to grab fast food and realized that a party was brewing. She is not dressed to impress at all. The London 2012 Olympics has been named one of the craziest partying times for Olympians. It has been described as carnage and given gold medals for partying. This is apparently because the Olympians finally had their first drink in years. Other Olympians, like Kayla Harrison and Beth Tweddle, were also called out but were able to keep their composure better than Hoskings. Yet, she seems unphased by her embarrassing moment she made no excuse for it and kept it moving.

12 Rob Gronkowski

Rob Gronkowski is one of those athletes that partied all throughout his scholarship given years in university and right onto the field. He just doesn’t know when is enough and that would be fine if he wasn’t always looking like a hot mess as he partied. For some reason, he always looks like he is having way too much fun. So what does he do to combat this suspect image? He parties some more. Running up bar tabs of $100,000 with some of the most expensive  drinks that money can buy. Here’s the real question though, is it worth having pictures like this one surface? We would assume no, but he seems to think differently. This was a picture from his college days but pictures like this have also surfaced since he has been drafted and he is not phased. He can barely open his eyes and looks like he would fall over if he wasn’t basically slumped over this girls back. Not even she can make this picture look good and she is serving face. So again, not much has changed since college except his wardrobe and he’s no longer wearing Mardi Gras chains, he’s wearing real diamonds.

11 Lebron (And Drake)

Lebron James and Drake look like two old ladies laughing at some of these petty chicks in the club. Look at Drake’s hand, he looks like he is serving shade. And, of course, Lebron is there cheering him on and making sure that there is no clapback. Lebron has a water in his hands now, but word on the street is that at some point during the night, he was throwing back drink after drink. He probably didn’t get faded that really isn’t his norm. This picture had people trolling Lebron online because of the face he was serving and the whole Drake weird hand thing. We all know that trolls have no chill but his biggest troller was Drake, commenting on the fact that earlier that night Lebron lost to the Raptors, he added a picture of him crying and looking genuinely confused. How in the world are you going to go out with and party with the man you have been trolling all night and celebrate a win for your team with a team member of the losing team? That is the biggest trolling move of all time. Meek Mill is in the background just trying to feel important. He’s like that friend who tags along but isn’t really close to any one person in the crew. Awkward.

10 Greig Laidlaw

Greig Laidlaw and his rugby teammate, Finn Russell, were caught celebrating a victory one night but it looks like things went a little too far. Not only are there pictures there is video as well. The duo was filmed singing “Flower of Scotland.” It was reported by Daily Mail that the night started off a bit unusual, to begin with. “As the video begins, the viewer gets a glimpse into how the night is going for the pair, with Laidlaw sporting a tie around his head, several buttons undone and a bottle of champagne in hand. Russell, who has managed to keep his jacket on, has his arm around his team-mate while they belt out the song at the top of their lungs.” They definitely had the entire bar singing with them but they were extremely intoxicated. Greig and his teammates are no strangers to partying to celebrate their wins, but when you are in a bar ripping your dress shirt off, it may be a problem. Luckily, this is expected from these teammates, but when it’s time to get down to business, no one is more serious than the Scots.

9 Ben Roethlisberger

Ben Roethlisberger is one of those people who we mentioned was a party mate of Kyle Orton’s. But even without his partner in crime, he can, and has, done a lot of damage. One of the worst nights out was when he was at a pub crawl in his hometown in Georgia, Milledgeville, but has been nicknamed “Millyvegas” because of all the bars, clubs and potential to get completely wrecked. According to a Deadspin article, “Roethlisberger’s pub crawl went on for at least three-and-a-half hours.” For some reason, the football player and his friends were posting everything on Facebook which is a classic, basic mistake. “Roethlisberger’s crew stopped at a few local watering holes, including Velvet Elvis, Amici Cafe, The Brick, Buffington’s, and the site of the alleged incident, Capital City.” The incident that they are speaking of is Big Ben getting so wrecked that photos surfaced of him doing some very unsavory things. Then, he was arrested and charged with assault. Apparently, he started a few fights in one of the bars. This should be a lesson to all, learn when to say when or at least learn how to hold your drink and compose yourself. Getting arrested is always a bad look.

8 Miguel Cabrera

Miguel Cabrera has been called one of the hardest partying athletes out there. He is one of those athletes that shows up to every party and takes things too far (like many of the athletes on this list). This incident, in particular, made him look a little too handsy, and he ended up making a public apology to his teammates. Apparently, the apology was because he completely screwed his team over during their game the following day. So, not only did he look and act like a fool the night before, he embarrassed his team the next day and helped them lose basically because he was hungover. When asked during the game how he thought things were going he said of the other team, “He made a great play, if he doesn’t make a good throw, I’m safe, no problem. I don’t know what to say right now.” Wow, it sounds like he has given up and is so hung over that he is truly relying on the other team to just play bad in hopes that they can get ahead. Which yes, is part of the game but it’s also part of the game to do things to ensure the other team can’t get ahead. Was this night of partying worth it? We doubt it.

7 Vince Young

Vince Young looks like he just went in so hard and at this point he is just hanging on until the club closes. All that sweat, the look of “I’m tired, but I’m tryin’,” the classic “I lost my shirt” move, and of course, the entourage standing so close to him to make sure he doesn’t fall. Young is no stranger to partying, we know this, and it has even been eluded that he has no money because of all his partying. One of his advisers even said that he needed to borrow $300,000 to pay for his birthday party. The picture in question was from a 2008 party, where he was sippin’ on Patron all night and going hard with his buddies. We still want to know why NO ONE has a shirt on. We know that clubs get hot, but to just flat out take your shirt off is weird. We can only imagine what the clean up crew saw that night. Imagine going to clean up after this party and just seeing t-shirts laying everywhere. Young must regret partying so much because he is struggling financially now. But then again, you can’t take it with you so you might as well drink and party it away instead of investing it for your future

6 Allen Iverson

Allen Iverson was one of the biggest partiers in the NBA. According to the fellow baller, Matt Barnes, he would watch Iverson routinely spend $30-40,000 a night on alcohol, booths, and whatever else you can spend that amount of money on while partying. “Allen was the first guy that showed me how NBA players spend money in […] clubs.” Barnes went on to say, “That guy went. HARD. He’d throw so much money, and this was when I was first in the league. He’d throw $30,000, $40,000 every time we went. I’m like, ‘You realize what I can do with this money?'” Wow. What a revelation, seeing as Iverson quickly began to complain about having no money, and at one point, even filed for bankruptcy. Pictures like this must really haunt the former baller, seeing as he is basically a nobody now and is struggling financially when really he shouldn’t be after all the money he made. If only he could go back to those gentlemen clubs and pick up those hundreds he threw away. If he was smart, he would have invested in his own gentleman’s club so he could go there and not be expected to spend money.

5 Brad Marchand

Brad Marchand is a hockey player that splits his time equally between hockey and partying. Early on in his career, he would go out and get drunk with his teammates and friends. That’s where pictures like this surfaced— tongue out, shirt off, and glazed-over eyes, it can’t get anymore telling than this. As of 2016, photos like this one are supposedly a thing of the past for Marchand, but we can all still revel in what we have on the internet. You know, look back in fondness at one of the hardest partiers in the NHL. This photo, in particular, was the night he and his Bruins team members won their first Stanley Cup in 39 years. Obviously, this calls for celebration but he took it too far. According to ESPN, The next day, the Bruins each took their turns being interviewed for the commemorative DVD. When it was the 23-year-old Marchand’s turn, at 4 p.m., he was excused. Why was he excused? Because he said he was STILL intoxicated. But he didn’t stop there he said, “I went home and kinda continued it. I thought [winning a championship] was something that might never happen, so I was trying to take it all in, enjoy it.”

4 Richie Incognito

Richie Incognito is a hard partier. He partied so hard that he let a few horrible words slip out of his mouth. In 2013, he was in a fit of rage and he drank too much. No one was sure where the rage came from, but we chalk it up to him being an angry drunk. Of course, TMZ has a video of him acting a darn fool with no shirt on. He looked and acted like a crazy person. Richie is no stranger to the drama. He has been accused of everything from biting people to stealing people’s girlfriends. Let’s just say, 2013 wasn’t a good year for him. He even had to enter a psychiatric care facility at the request of his coaches and teammates. He was even accused of bullying Jonathan Martin. The NFL player is a mess and if the photos and videos prove anything, he’s on a downward spiral. Like we mentioned, he was sent to a rehab facility but a “friend” posted a picture of him…not there.” Yikes.

3 Matt Leinart

We hope the girl in front of him has a tube top on or something because, at this point, she looks like she has no top on underneath, but Matt Leinart is good with that, we are sure of it. He looks faded and like he is just trying to make it through the night. He also low-key looks like he is trying to kick game, but does he really need to say much? He’s Matt Leinart. This is the look of someone who has to constantly put up with her roommates crap but is so loyal that she will never call her out on it. Leinart doesn’t have a horrible partying reputation, so we can only assume this is early on in his career. We aren’t saying that he never parties, but it’s not as bad as a lot of his fellow listmates. He also looks very fresh-faced and young so that is another indicator of when this picture was taken. Regardless, he looks a mess and there is no question that he had a hangover when he woke up the next morning. However, we are still concerned with where exactly this woman’s shirt is.

2 Tony Parker

Is Tony Parker’s partying the reason why his super hot wife, Eva Longoria, left him? From the looks of this picture, he is so far gone there is no coming back. It’s funny how these women are just so content posing with him probably knowing that he was faded. They must have looked at this picture and laughed their butts off. He can’t keep his eyes open, his smile isn’t even straight and he even looks like these women are actually holding him up. There aren’t too many negative things written about his partying ways so that either means this is a one-off or he is super low-key about where he parties. Regardless, this is one of the funniest pictures we have ever seen of a drunk athlete. He certainly looks like he is feeling himself. Well, as much as one can when they are sloppily drunk and forced to still take a picture with annoying fans. Who knows, maybe he was trying to drown his sorrows and just wanted a night out drinking? By the way, where are his friends? Doesn’t he need someone there for him or situations just like this one?

1 Jay Cutler

Kristin Cavallari’s husband looks a darn mess and we can’t help but love every minute of it. He is another celebrity that has been accosted for partying way too much. We have to wonder if like Tony Parker, this is the reason why Cavallari and him split up for a while? At least it worked out for them in the end. Cavallari has been known to party in her days so maybe she met him at one of the parties where he was blackout drunk. This picture looks like he had to be carried out that night. In addition, he looks like he is in a dive bar, which is the best place to let loose. It’s as if everyone is a family. The look on Cutler’s face is one that tells us he can’t put together coherent sentences and he may still be a little intoxicated when he wakes up the next morning. Everyone needs that little release every now and then, right? He just may have taken it a bit too far. We have to wonder if he ended up learning anything from this experience like maybe to never drink that much again or maybe even not to drink at all. Geez, he looks like a horrendous mouth breather in this picture it’s not flattering at all.

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