Alex Iwobi fashion: Arsenal's trendy forward loves wearing Gucci, but you can get his look on the high street

Alex Iwobi, 22, loves his fashion and you could say he's a style rival in that Arsenal team for Hector Bellerin.

The Nigerian, who wore the coolest footy top at the World Cup, picks designer looks from high-end fashion houses like Gucci, Balmain and Kenzo.

But that's alright if you earn the £70k a week the forward is said to make after inking a new deal with the North London club back in July.

How can the man on the street look as cool as Iwobi does off the pitch? Let SunSport guide you through cheaper high street alternatives.

Gucci Lover

Like a lot of footballers, Iwobi loves wearing Gucci – seen above perusing through one of their lookbooks.

And he's certainly not afraid of the price tags attached to the Italian brand.

Iwobi splashed £340 on their black washed logo T-shirt.

While, he wasn't afraid to drop £1,000 on their leather Capitan Logo belt bag.

  • boohooMAN T-shirt from ASOS, £12.99 – BUY HERE
  • ASOS DESIGN slip on sock trainers, £30 – BUY HERE
  • Imitation leather H&M waist bag, £6.99 – BUY HERE

We found a similar T-shirt on boohooMAN through ASOS for just £12.99. H&M do a quality waist bag for £6.99, and if you really like his Balenciaga trainers – try ASOS Design's sock trainers for £30.

Tracksuit King

Gucci's short tracksuits flew off the shelf when they were released.

And it was footballers who we saw most wearing their flagship pattern shorts and jacket combo.

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Incredibly, the shorts cost £564 on their own and the jacket sells for £1,260.

That makes the Gucci tracksuit a costly purchase at £1,824 in total.

  • boohooMAN print short tracksuit , £19.60 – BUY HERE

But we don't expect you to pay over the odds for a short/trackie combo and have found an alternative.

This boohooMAN trackie is just the ticket, and the online fashion house have a variety of patterned tracksuits for your leisure and pleasure.

Camo Man

Balmain's biker jeans are another clothing favourite for football's elite.

On a night out, Iwobi has been spied in a pair costing a whopping £789.

Showing he's a man that stays faithful to a label, he's matched the jeans with their camo hoodie.

As casual wear goes, that's a costy outfit.

  • Nike camo hoodie, £55 from END Clothing – BUY HERE
  • boohooMAN skinny biker jeans, £15.40 – BUY HERE

However, we found Nike's camo hoodie for a much more reasonable £55. Pair it with boohooMAN's skinny, blue biker jeans and you have a very similar outfit for a lot less.

Lion Tamer

As a key member of the Super Eagles, Iwobi is used to all things animal.

He obviously loves Lions, which is why he bought Givenchy's print shirt.

Iwobi paired it with a different pair of Balmain Jeans – ripped and in black.

It's a smart look, but you can get it on the high-street for much less.

  • Zara printed shirt, £29.99 – BUY HERE
  • boohooMAN skinny fit biker jeans, £19.60 – BUY HERE

If you're after an animal print shirt, Spanish designer Zara has the above number for a very modest £29.99. Match it with boohooMAN's skinny fit biker jeans to complete the look.

The Designer Backpacker

Hoodies are clearly Iwobi's favourite item. Not only does he own an expensive Balmain one, he also went back to his favourite designer for this effort.

The £825 hoodie, in white, features the famous Gucci logo emblazoned on the front.

But it's his backpack that's really got our attention in the above shot he shared with fans on social media.

The stylish Gucci Light GG Supreme Backpack doesn't come cheap, costing £840.

  • Reclaimed Vintage hoodie from ASOS, £45 – BUY HERE
  • Monogram backpack from River Island, £28 – BUY HERE

You don't have to spend that though. River Island have a monogram patterned backpack for just £28.

While ASOS stock Reclaimed Vintage hoodies which are a hipster must-have.

Purse Your Lips

In touch with his fashion side, and not afraid to push down the boundaries, Iwobi has been known to try something a little different.

His Givenchy pouch, or man purse, might divide some but they're catching on.

While Kenzo is a fashionista's staple – so, of course, their black embroidered sweatshirt found its way into his wardrobe.

All in all, this is a more daring look for Iwobi.

  • Adidas crew sweatshirt, £49.95 – BUY HERE
  • H&M imitation pouch, £6.99 – BUY HERE

Again, though, it is a pricey one. Adidas do a trendy crew sweatshirt for under £50 that's equally as effective as the Kenzo piece.

While H&M once again come up trumps with an imitation pouch that you too can carry your belongings in – just like the Gunner.

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