Announcer Greg Gumbel repeatedly calls Lamar Jackson ‘Murray’ during NFL on CBS broadcast

To the untrained or inattentive ear, a play-by-play broadcaster can seemingly evade mistakes or mess-ups.

Confusions of this magnitude, and frequency, are going to be noticed. 

Greg Gumbel, calling the Cincinnati Bengals-Baltimore Ravens game alongside Rich Gannon for CBS, called Ravens quarterback and reigning NFL MVP Lamar Jackson "Murray" during his play-by-play on several occasions. 

Although it is difficult to be sure, Gumbel confused Jackson with Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray, another playmaker in his own right and the 2019 Offensive Rookie of the Year. 

Gumbel's slip-ups came while describing the action, including on Jackson's first-quarter touchdown pass to tight end Mark Andrews. 

Lamar Jackson to Mark Andrews in the red zone is unstoppable

"Murray, pulls it down twice," Gumbel excites, "and then to the end zone for the touchdown" before rectifying himself in the aftermath. "We saw a pretty patient Lamar Jackson there… " 

Hey @NFLonCBS tell ya mans that this mans is not the mans he thinks he is. This Lamar Jackson, not Kyler Murray

Early in the third quarter, Gumbel acknowledged his mistake following a Jackson rush for a first-down, calling him "Murray" once more. 

"Why do I keep calling him Murray?" Gumbel chuckled. 

As the Ravens' thrashing of the Bengals wound down, Gumbel offered an on-air apology to both Murray and Jackson.

“For some unearthly reason I referred to Lamar Jackson as Kyler Murray today,” Gumbel said. “I got to apologize to Lamar, I apologize to Murray, I apologize to their fans.”

This was Gumbel's first Ravens broadcast of 2020. He has yet to call a Cardinals game this season. 

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