Anthony Joshua says Jarrell Miller confrontation was no stunt – he went looking for him after the press conference

Big Baby threw his toys out of the pram in his native New York on Tuesday and AJ switched from his usual happy self to the snarling brute we see in the ring.

The unified Watford champion told Miller exactly where to go and then attempted to follow him for a straightener.

And the British golden boy wanted to do more that just shout at the undefeated 30-year-old.

He said: “It was not a big deal, he talks a lot and when we are in the same area there is bad blood.

“I am the sort of person who will just say ‘shut your mouth, mate’.

“I slipped off and went to look for him.

“I am a good guy, I am not a bully, but if you keep pushing and poking someone they are going to retaliate.

“It wasn’t staged or some WWE thing but Miller is not on my radar. Miller is welcome but I would prefer stiff competition.”

Miller is not the only heavyweight AJ took aim at.

The 28-year-old watched the Tyson Fury vs Sefer Seferi comeback mismatch and is pleased the Gypsy King is back in the game.

But he stopped well short of praising the former champion who has given the WBO, IBF and WBA king plenty of stick since his emergence.

AJ said: “It’s good that Tyson is back and good for boxing but I don’t say too much positive about him because he doesn’t say anything nice about me.

“The performance was good enough to beat Seferi but it wouldn’t be good enough to beat me.”

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