Bellator 200: Michael Page forces David Rickels to QUIT after splitting his eye in showboating win

Venom, now 13-0, danced, taunted and teased his way to victory over David Rickels.

After splitting Rickels’ eye in the second round, the bloody American told the referee he would not continue.

And after celebrating with an Avengers glove, Page declared: “I’m taking over everyone.”

Rickels stayed in the fight much longer than fans expected but never posed a threat to the wily Londoner.

MVP broke his nose in the first and continued to deliver heavy blows as he was roared on by the 9,000-strong Wembley crowd.

But his excessive taunting split supporters' opinions as some felt they were below the belt.

At one point, MVP began swinging his arm around and physically dancing in front of his fuming opponent.

Nickels tried not to lose his cool but ultimately moved to wipe the smirk off Page's face.

It did not work – and Venom swiftly caught him above his left eye, effectively ending the fight.

Page was streets above his opponent and judging by this performance, would not have looked amiss trying his hand in the UFC.

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