Ben Askren brands Jake Paul clash a 'circus' fight hours before bout Triller showdown with YouTuber

BEN ASKREN admits his showdown with Jake Paul is a 'circus' fight.

The former UFC welterweight will throw down with the YouTuber in a boxing match in Atlanta, Georgia in just a matter of hours.

Askren's clash with the younger Paul brother will mark his professional boxing debut.

And Funky – who retired from MMA in November 2019 – admits the bout is far from a real spectacle.

He tweeted: “People love fist fights. People love circuses. Hope you enjoy tonight.”

Paul is brimming with confidence ahead of his clash with the former One Championship and Bellator 170lb champion, so much so he reckons he won't lay a glove on him.

He told ESPN: "Go Google Ben Askren's striking. Hahaha.

"It's not going to go that long, it's not going to go that long.

"I don't even think he'll hit me. I haven't been hit one time in the face in my past two fights.

"So I haven't even been punched as pro boxer one time. Nate Robinson landed one body shot in a clinch.

"I don't think Ben Askren will even hit me. That's my prediction."

Paul, 24, reckons Askren won't make it to the third round, saying: “I don’t believe he makes it out of two rounds.

“Look at the guy, he has a beer belly so he clearly didn’t take training camp seriously.

“We all did the talking and the entertainment s*** but now it’s time to let the fists fly.”

Askren, 36, believes he'll drag the former Disney actor into deep waters, telling ESPN: "TKO [in] round seven."

He added: "Because I don't have a huge amount of power. It'll take me some time to wear him down and make him hate his life.

"And then eventually he's gonna say, 'Hey look, I'm a rich celebrity.

"I don't need to get f–king punched anymore. I'm just gonna roll over.'"

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