Britain's sexiest footballer: Leatherhead star Tom Derry is one of the top 30 most swiped right daters on Tinder in the UK… but he's still single

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He never uses Snapchat filters and said being real is the key to his success.

Being one of Tinder's most popular daters means that Tom has travelled far shores for some dates.

He recalled his best: "I met up with a match in Bali, we spent a couple of days together going for dinners and to the beach.

"She said I reminded her of David Beckham, which is a compliment I'll definitely take.

"I've had a few really good Tinder dates though. Despite the old stigma around online dating, Tinder is a huge part of how young people date today."

But it's not been all plain sailing for the Tom, who also remembered his worst date.

Back in April, Tinder released their 30 most successful right-swiped daters of 2018.

Tom featured in the list of men published by women's fashion bible, Cosmopolitan which he was over the moon with.

However, being the competitive sportsman he is, Tom said he would love to know exactly where he ranks in that list.

Despite being a hit with the opposite sex, it's not made Tom immune to a bit of tongue-in-cheek banter from his Leatherhead teammates.

And even the clubs' Tannoy announcer got in on the fun at their players' expense.

"Yes, I got a lot of stick from my teammates!

"We had a game on the evening the list came out and I walked in to our skipper showing the article around the changing room, soon followed by a huge uproar.

"I've been getting bombarded with messages on Twitter by all the Leatherhead fans. I think they've found it quite entertaining.

"The first game after the article was released, we went out for the warm up.

"Over the Tannoy I hear, 'We would like to congratulate Tom Derry on being one of Tinder's Most Right-Swiped 2018', followed by Sex Bomb by Tom Jones on repeat.

"Now, I usually get to football early because swiping has become a bit of a pre-game ritual."

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