Brodie Van Wagenen’s slip-up foreshadows Carlos Beltran’s Mets challenge

Carlos Beltran escorted his family to their seats and before taking the stage for his introductory press conference, he patted his youngest child on the butt and 4-year-old Evan Carlos began to cry.

Brodie Van Wagenen opened his introductory remarks by noting it was only 12 months earlier he was being introduced as GM, quipping, “Hard to believe it’s only been one year since I stood in this room. It seems like it’s been a dog year, seven years.”

It was meant for laughs and instead elicited the image of drudgery working for the Wilpons, intended or not.

Here is what Beltran should know from experience — you can plot and script to the best of your ability, but when it comes to working for the Mets sometimes the child cries and the GM misspeaks. After all, when introduced 14 years earlier as the then most expensive player in franchise history, Beltran hailed the day by saying, “I call it the new Mets because this organization is going in a new direction, the right direction, the direction of winning.”

But it was mostly the same old Mets during Beltran’s tenure. There was one high mark in 2006 that ended with them and him frozen in NLCS Game 7 by an Adam Wainwright curve. Besides that there was no new Mets. Mainly there was frustration and dysfunction that included Beltran in a quite open, nasty battle with ownership about whether he needed knee surgery or not.

On the day that Beltran was introduced as the Mets’ 22nd manager, all the parties swore wounds and bad feelings were bygones. That another new day was upon us. But this has been heard a lot through the years around here at Jets and Knicks introductory press conferences, and the Mets too. And until serial success is enjoyed by one of those franchises then I will just wait for the child to cry or the GM to misspeak. There have been a lot of honeymoons. Followed close behind by horrible marriages.

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