Calgary Flames player's teeth fly out during game

Calgary Flames forward James Neal appeared to lose several teeth on Saturday night when he was high-sticked during a game against the Vancouver Canucks.
(Getty Images, File)

A Calgary Flames player took a hockey stick to the face during a game, as video appeared to show several teeth flying out of his mouth.

James Neal, a forward, was seen getting whacked in the face during the game against the Vancouver Canucks on Saturday night.

Canucks defenseman Alex Biega was seen trying to hit an airborne puck when his stick hit the 31-year-old hockey player's face during the game's third period.

Video posted to Twitter showed the grisly aftermath. An official collected at least two teeth from the ice after the incident.


Biega was given a four-minute penalty for the high-stick.

The NHL, according to the league rulebook, does not impose specific rules designed to protect players' teeth.

The Associated Press contributed to this report.

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