Celtic fan Sir Rod Stewart 'appalled' by 'childish' decision to snub Rangers for a guard of honour

CELTIC-mad Sir Rod Stewart is ‘embarrassed’ by the club’s decision not to give Rangers a guard of honour tomorrow – calling it ‘childish.’

The rock and pop legend was reacting to caretaker manager John Kennedy’s words that the Hoops would not clap Steven Gerrard's men onto the pitch.

Neil Lennon said in 2019 that his side would have given Rangers a guard of honour in 2019 if they had won the title, after the Ibrox side refused to do the same that season.

Gerrard’s men travel to their great rivals on Sunday as league winners for the first time in a decade.

Stewart was in agreement with former Celts’ boss Brendan Rodgers who advised his old team to ‘show humility’ and give Rangers that welcome.

The celebrity fan also thought he may be ‘old-fashioned’ in his views but told the Hoops to ‘grow up’ as ‘life is too short’.

And the 76-year-old revealed he was ‘appalled’ to hear his club would ‘go low’ like this and even quoted former First Lady Michelle Obama in his views.

He told the Daily Record: Today l learn that team I love will not be giving Rangers a guard of honour on Sunday.

"I’m appalled, why can’t we show dignity and sportsmanship or am I old fashioned?

"I agree with Brendan Rodgers: show class. Or, as Michelle Obama once said, 'when they go low we go high'.


"Rangers were excellent this season and deserved the title, well done Steve and your team.

"And last but not least, what does this say to our children? My boys will be watching Sunday in their green and white and I’ll be a little embarrassed to explain it all.

"Please grow up everyone, life is too short for this childish behaviour.

"But then again maybe I’m old-fashioned."

Lennon hit out at the Gers decision at the time, insisting Celtic would have done it if roles were reversed.

Speaking in 2019, he said: "It’s a break from tradition. I think we would have done it if the shoe had been on the other foot. But it’s not a major issue.

“It would have been a touch of class if they did it.

“I’m disappointed they are not. Celtic would have done it.”

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