Chaos at Lord's Taverners' Christmas charity lunch

Chaos at Lord’s Taverners’ Christmas charity lunch as comedian Nish Kumar is booed off and hit with BREAD ROLL

  • The Lord’s Taverners hosted their Christmas lunch at Grosvenor House
  • After Q&A session with Harry Redknapp, comedian Nish Kumar drew a raffle
  • He shared left-wing views on stage and the audience reacted angrily to him
  • He was eventually persuaded to leave and members have complained 

The Lord’s Taverners’ Christmas lunch descended into chaos on Monday, with a comedian booed off stage and pelted with a bread roll.

In staggering scenes at Park Lane’s swanky Grosvenor House, Nish Kumar was widely heckled and saw his set cut short after sections of the audience failed to take kindly to his left-wing views on the current political climate.

Stunned witnesses have told Sportsmail that the stand-up, who hosts BBC Two’s The Mash Report, was met with boos, jeers and calls for him to leave when he shared his observations on a number of issues including Brexit. 

Comedian and TV host Nish Kumar was booed off stage at Lord’s Taverners’ Christmas lunch

They added that Kumar, who had taken to the stage after a well-received question and answer session with Harry Redknapp, reacted defiantly and told the audience he was going nowhere.

Eventually, a quick-thinking compere stepped in at the landmark event for the cricket charity, which raised more than £160,000, and persuaded the comedian to exit the stage after drawing the raffle. At one point, with anger rising, witnesses said a bread roll was thrown.

According to the audience member BBC Radio One DJ Greg James – a huge cricket fan and Lord’s Taverners ambassador – reprimanded the bread thrower. 

Greg james attmepted to intervene after a member of the audience threw a bread roll at Kumar

They explained: ‘He had a pop and rightly so – that was disgraceful and there was no need for it, regardless of what was going on. At one point there was even a slow hand clap. It was just terrible.’

Mike Fitchett, a 68-year-old Taverners member from Oxfordshire, was in the audience. 

‘Harry Redknapp was tremendous and we were having a really good day, as we always do,’ he said. ‘Then this man, who is supposed to be a comedian, gets up and delivers what could only be described as a political speech.’ 

Mr Fitchett added that things quickly turned sour. ‘He should have just left the stage but he refused to do so,’ he said. ‘This was not at all what our organisation is about. These were extreme, far-left political views and we are a charity. It was all very offensive and I shall be writing to our chief executive to make my feelings clear.’

Harry Redknapp had earlier hosted a Q&A session that was well received by the audience

Former Commons speaker John Bercow, who was also said to be present, was among those targeted by Mr Kumar, according to another audience member who did not wish to be named.

‘The Taverners got it totally wrong,’ they added. ‘I’ve been going for years and I have never seen anything like it. The man was just not suitable and it wasn’t the place for him to air his views, which were basically a lefty slant on politics and Brexit. If left a very bad taste. He was booed and came off stage early despite threatening to carry on.’

Another audience member added: ‘He went full on political and it just isn’t that kind of event. It was very uncomfortable for everyone. People had gone there for a good time and to raise money for disadvantaged kids to be able to play sport. It wasn’t even comedy material – just a series of political statements.’

Former Commons speaker John Bercow, who reportedly attended, was among those targeted

After eventually being persuaded to leave, Kumar was met with a number of boos – although there was a smattering of polite applause.

Members paid £149 a ticket to be at the lunch, which is an eagerly-awaited annual fixture. Non-members handed over £169, while some guests shelled out £270 for a VIP presidents champagne reception, prime table position and upgraded wine package. 

The Lord’s Taverners was set up in 1950 at the Tavern pub at the famous ground. Its current president is Sir Trevor McDonald, while others to have held the post include Sir Michael Parkinson, Prince Edward and Chris Tarrant.

Funds raised go towards providing opportunities for young people in the UK living in poverty or with a disability to engage with sport in their local communities. The Taverners and Mr Kumar could not be reached for comment.

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