Chelsea star N'Golo Kante will pay more tax than Amazon

Kante today signed a new five-year contract worth £290,000-a-week to make him the top earner in the squad at Stamford Bridge.

And because the 27-year-old refuses to channel his wages through off-shore companies, that leaves him making a huge contribution to the UK public purse.

Kante will earn just over £15million a year on his new improved terms – all of which is liable to be taxed in Britain.

It means the Chelsea star will stump up £6.7m annually to HMRC, dwarfing the controversial amounts paid by the country's big corporate brands.

Last year Amazon coughed up just £1.7m in corporation tax according to their own figures announced in August.

They had been liable to pay £4.6m  following a 300 per cent growth in their UK profits.

But because they paid out a dividend to shareholders, the online retail giant was able to defer £2.9m of that to reduce the actual amount contributed.

Compared to the big company, Kante will be making a giant contribution to the UK coffers.

It emerged earlier this month that the World Cup winner refused suggestions to set up offshore companies in tax havens to channel his money through.

Instead he insisted on paying his dues in Britain, meaning he will hand over £564,000-a-month on income tax.

On top of that bill, he is also liable for a further £305,000 annually in National Insurance contributions.

The desire to make sure he pays his way in the UK has only served to reinforce his reputation as the nicest man in football.

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