Chicago Bulls Take Mo Bamba In ‘NBC Sports Chicago’s Post-Lottery Mock Draft

Despite not getting a top-three draft pick, the Chicago Bulls could be in a prime position to take a top center.

Help could be coming to the Chicago Bulls in the form of Texas Longhorns center Mo Bamba. NBC Sports Chicago‘s post-lottery mock draft have the Bulls taking Mo Bamba with the No. 7 pick.

Just over a week ago NBC Sports Chicago created an argument for the Chicago Bulls to take Mo Bamba if they were to win one of the top-three slots in the NBA draft. However, given the way the draft lottery broke with the Phoenix Suns, Sacramento Kings, and Atlanta Hawks getting the top-three picks (courtesy of ESPN), the Bulls may get lucky after all.

Arizona center Deandre Ayton and Real Madrid’s Luka Doncic are expected to be the first two players taken in the draft. That leaves the Atlanta Hawks essentially starting things off.

The Hawks already have John Collins inserted at center. They could take Duke’s Marvin Bagley or surprise people by drafting Oklahoma guard Trae Young. If Young is taken before the Bulls are on the board, it sets up an interesting situation.

Trae Young going early leaves the Bulls in position to select from a group that could consist of Jaren Jackson Jr., Michael Porter Jr., Mo Bamba, and Wendell Carter.

It would be a dream scenario for the Bulls, At one point or another each player was considered as a lock to be selected in the top-five. The Bulls are hoping to have a chance at one of them.

There is some criticism regarding how the Bulls handled the season. Games that the Bulls won in December came back to haunt them at the draft lottery.

Fans and NBA observers alike are upset that the Bulls did not put themselves in position to have better odds of getting a higher draft pick. Thankfully for the Bulls, this is one of the deeper draft classes in quite some time.

The Bulls will have to rely heavily on their scouting department when they evaluate draft prospects. The Bulls hope that a couple of the teams picking before them pass up on someone with star potential.

Defensively, Mo Bamba has star potential. How he alters shots and runs the floor, Bamba can change the complexity of a game if he continues to develop. The Chicago Bulls will be lucky if he is still on the board at No. 7.

As of now, Mo Bamba and Michael Porter Jr., who comes with a health risk, sit as the most realistic possibilities of players who could be available for the Bulls. Taking either of them should be viewed as a win for the Bulls.

There is also a chance of the Bulls taking Wendell Carter who should be on the board if Mo Bamba is not. Carter is not far removed from being considered a top-five draft prospect.

The Chicago Bulls went into the season hoping to have a chance at a star player. Picking at No. 7 does not necessarily rob the Bulls of that opportunity.

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