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Following Colorado State’s home loss to San Jose State at Moby Arena last Saturday, Rams senior guard Isaiah Stevens referenced the word consistency several times in the players’ postgame news conference.

The preseason all-Mountain West team selection said the Rams needed to find some, and if they did it could solve at least some of their problems.

When the team took the court in Nevada on Wednesday, they again lacked consistency, showing brilliance at times, but were outshot, outrebounded and, eventually, outplayed by the Wolf Pack.

CSU (8-8 overall, 0-3 Mountain West) has now lost four games in a row, including its first three Mountain West contests, as it prepares for another conference matchup at home Saturday against Fresno State.

“Consistency for 40 minutes,” Stevens said. “We’ve just got to keep doing what we do. That’s the consistency part. Throughout a game, 40 minutes is a long time. You just have to keep doing what you do over and over again.”

Wednesday night at Nevada, the Rams led by as many as six points in the first half and were ahead 30-27 with 4:37 left before halftime. Then the Wolf Pack closed the opening period with a 13-1 run to go into halftime ahead 40-31.

In the second half, the Rams battled back and led 64-59 with 6:50 left in the game. The Wolf Pack responded with a monster 21-5 run to close the game and win 80-69.

Patrick Cartier led the Rams with 18 points while Stevens added 16. But inconsistency at the end of both halves led to the 11-point defeat.

That consistency Stevens spoke of was reiterated by CSU head coach Niko Medved last Saturday, but Medved pointed out a lot of things go into finding that.

“That’s a big part of it,” Medved said. “There’s consistency in execution, but where does that come from? That comes from, obviously, from focus, it comes from being able to emotionally, sometimes, get over things that don’t go your way whether it is as an individual or as a team and be ready to make the next best play no matter what. Sometimes I think we are struggling with that right now. (Stevens) is right when he says consistency, but there is a lot of things that go into that.”

Consistency is a concern for the Rams’ play on the court recently, but it has also been one for its personnel all season. The Rams haven’t had a full healthy roster all year.

Stevens’ return from a foot injury after missing seven games was met by injuries to Tavi Jackson and Jalen Lake and a mono bout for Josiah Strong. Jackson and Lake both made their returns to the lineup in the Rams’ last two games, but Strong continues to sit out.

Then, in practice before Wednesday’s game, 6-foot-10 freshman Kyle Evans broke a finger and will miss the rest of the season, leaving Cartier and James Moors as the team’s only two big men as 7-1 junior center Jacob Jennissen tore an ACL before the season began.

Barring any more injuries, the Rams will begin the task now of putting a game plan together featuring the nine healthy players left on their roster.

Medved did not hold a news conference following the loss at Nevada on Wednesday but mentioned on the postgame show on 99.1-FM he is optimistic about getting those players back and dealing with what he has left on his bench.

“Hopefully now maybe that we get some of these guys kind of back to the court here consistently we can start to develop a little more chemistry that way with our team and really start to play better,” he said.

That task begins Saturday against a Fresno State team that just handed No. 21 New Mexico its first loss of the season Tuesday.

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