Conor McGregor claims he was beating 'pitiful' Khabib before being submitted at UFC 229 as he breaks down rounds

CONOR MCGREGOR has insisted he was winning his fight against Khabib Nurmagomedov before he tapped out.

The Irishman lost in the fourth round of the lightweight clash at UFC 229 in October 2018.

With the Russian now retired from MMA, McGregor assessed each round of their encounter back in October.

He has insisted he won round one, round three and round four up until the 'trip'.

When a fan on Twitter claimed McGregor was 'mauled' by the Russian, he replied: "I won round one. Out struck him three to one here.

"Elbows, knees, clatters. He held on entire round. Round two he won.

"This round had the kimura attempt you speak of.

"I kneed him full force into his eye socket here and broke the grip fully. A lovely shot!

"I won three also and four up until the trip."

Before he added: "Round 1's mine. Out struck 3-1.Elbow, knees, clatters! He held on.

"Two is his but I land multiple knees. One from standing after the overhand, and one from bottom into the eye socket at kimura attempt.

"Not a scratch end of round also. I won round three, and four until the trip."

The former featherweight and lightweight champion also shared a picture of himself after the fight and wrote: "Ye, not a scratch. Relaxing before I bounced up and bet his brother and his cousin round."

A rematch was thought to be be on the cards and was something Khabib admitted 'makes sense' earlier this year.

But the Russian hung up his gloves after victory over Justin Gaethje at UFC 254.

And McGregor, while ignoring Jake Paul, is making his his UFC return against Poirier for January 23.

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