Conor McGregor reveals extensive training regime ahead of Khabib fight and insists he has NO heroes ahead of UFC return

The Irishman is back in the octagon on Saturday night against the lightweight world champion – six months after being charged for his remarkable bus attack.

McGregor's last fight in UFC came in 2016 when he knocked out Eddie Alvarez.

He followed that up with a multi-million pound boxing match against Floyd Mayweather in August 2017, but may have to dust off a few cobwebs before putting on his gloves.

In order to get back into the swing of things, McGregor revealed his gruelling regime that involves two training sessions a day.

In a Q&A ahead of the fight he admitted his training routine consisted of: "Food, afternoon session, food, evening session, food, sleep and repeat."

McGregor has earned around £76million just from fighting alone but money didn't used to grow on trees for 'The Notorious'.

Before taking up the combat sport he admitted he used to be a plumber. He said: "I was a plumber for one year, before I quit and pursued the combat dream ever since."

He added: "I don't have any heroes, but I take inspiration from everyone and everything.

"I’m inspired by current champions, former champions, true competitors, people dedicated to their dream, hard workers, dreamers, believers, achievers."

McGregor already has plans after his fight against the Russian and admitted he is aiming to take on Mayweather one more time. 

He said: "Of course there's boxing ventures. I'm very excited about that.

"If [Mayweather] has the bottle to come over and deal with this, like he said he has, let's see what happens. I would also like to box him again. Everything is being discussed. Every rule set.

"If it's not an MMA bout, then I don't want to know. It's either a straight MMA bout or a straight boxing bout. If they come looking for modified rules, I would rather just box the kid again."

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