Conor McGregor says 'I am boxing' in hint on future as he and Dee Devlin pay tribute to legendary journalist Bert Sugar

CONOR McGREGOR said "I am boxing" as he and Dee Devlin paid tribute to legendary journalist Bert Sugar.

The 32-year-old is still currently retired after announcing the decision in June.

He has since got engaged to long-time partner Devlin, with UFC president Dana White opening the door for a 2021 comeback for the Irishman.

But McGregor appears to still be flirting with the possibility of returning to boxing, having lost his ring debut to Floyd Mayweather in 2017.

He uploaded a picture on Instagram with Devlin and captioned the post: "Bert Sugar, I am boxing."

McGregor posed with a fedora and an unlit cigar – two trademarks of Sugar.

The American writer, who died in 2012, is regarded as one the greatest boxing reporters of all time.

The historian edited Boxing Illustrated and wrote more than 80 books, focussing also on baseball.

McGregor's tribute could go some way to hinting at his next career move.

He put his UFC career on hold in 2017 to chase a bout with Mayweather, which he lost in round 10 in what is the second most lucrative fight of all time.

McGregor made headlines March 2017 when he accompanied Michael Conlan to the ring and announced plans to crossover sports.

Afterwards he famously roared "I am boxing" in front of ringside media members.

The former UFC champion has never closed the door on another boxing match, calling for a rematch with Mayweather, 43.

But more recently he has been linked with a fight against Manny Pacquiao, 41, which McGregor twice teased online.

Pacquiao – who has been urged to box the Irish star by Filipino fans – even signed for Paradigm Sports, who represent McGregor.

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