Cristiano Ronaldo's move to Juventus sees struggling Fiat workers go on STRIKE as firm helps pay striker's £500k-a-week wages

The car manufacturer will contribute funds towards the Portuguese superstar's staggering wages – expected to be around £500,000 per week.

And workers in their Melfi plant are disgusted – claiming they had been forced to cut costs for years.

A Union of Base Unions of the Fca di Melfi statement said: "It is unacceptable that while the workers of Fca and Cnhi continue to demand enormous economic sacrifices for years, the company decides to spend hundreds of millions of euros on the purchase of a player.

"We are told that the moment is difficult, that we must resort to social shock absorbers waiting for the launch of new models that never arrive.

"And while the workers and their families increasingly tighten their belts, the property decides to invest a lot of money on a single human resource!

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"Is this all right? Is it normal for a single person to earn millions and thousands of families do not reach the middle of the month? We are all dependent on the same master but never as in this moment of enormous social difficulty this unequal treatment can not and should not be accepted.

"The Fiat workers have made the fortune of the property for at least three generations, they enrich anyone who moves around this society, and in return they have always and only received a life of misery.

"The property should invest in car models that guarantee the future of thousands of people rather than enriching only one.

"For the reasons described above, the Union of Base Workers Union declares a strike at FCA di Melfi from 10 pm on Sunday 15 July until 6 am on Tuesday 17 July 2018."

After Ronaldo, 33, completed his deal, plant worker Gerardo Giannone slammed bosses – claiming he had not had a pay rise for a decade.

He told Corriere del Mezzorgiorno: “After Higuain, also Cristiano Ronaldo?

“It’s a shame. Fiat workers have not had a pay rise in ten years. With Cristiano’s salary we could give every worker an extra £180 (a month).

“In the last ten years we have lost 10.7 per cent of inflation never recovered and FCA spends £112m on annual sponsorship, £23.5m only for Juventus.

“And now after Higuain they plan to take Ronaldo. It is shameful, even that no-one has said a word.”

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