Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones slammed for inaccurate ‘world record’ fan attendance claim

Dallas Cowboys owner and billionaire, Jerry Jones, has been slammed on Twitter after claiming his club “set the world record for attendance” amid the Covid-19 pandemic.

In the quote, tweeted by Cowboys reporter Michael Gehlken, Jones boasted their average NFL-high 27,377 attendance in 2020.

But Twitter users were quick to point out its inaccuracy.

Posting a link to an article of Eden Park’s crowd of 47,000 at the second Bledisloe Cup match last year, a user wrote, “Odd flex. Also, not close. Beaten handily by a country that’s managed this far better”.

Another wrote, “Yeah we had almost 50 thousand at our stadiums in New Zealand for the rugby season so he is not really close to that record”.

It’s not the only part of Jones’ comments fans took a swing at.

Many expressed their disgust in his boasting over an “asinine aspect to the season”.

“Do you not expect Jerry to brag about making the most money this year? Especially when it’s his most important thing and the only thing he can brag about this season. He is a narcissistic billionaire,” one user wrote.

“The only thing he can win. What a freaking joke. The Jerry streak of mediocrity is still intact and going strong!! One of the worst franchises over the last 25 years. Done zero without Jimmy. Way to go Jerry!” wrote another.

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