David Haye knocked out by Tony Bellew: brilliant pictures from above the ring capture the decisive moment, taken by photographer Dickie Pelham

Tony Bellew’s fifth round knockout of Haye was brilliantly captured by SunSport’s award-winning photographer Dickie Pelham.

His camera fixed above the ring perfectly caught the moment Bellew connected with Haye’s chin, sending the former world heavyweight champion to the canvas for the third time.

Pelham, who recently won the top prize in British sports photojournalism with a snap of Joe Hart, took an amazing sequence of the final punch landing, and Haye staggering and then crashing to the floor.

The remote cameras are synced with the hand-held ones, so when he hits the shutter the remote captures the same moment from above.

Pelham said: “I like to put remote cameras into the lighting rigs, about 30ft above the ring

“I went up in a cherry-picker on Friday evening , about seven o’clock, when they were putting the ring in and the giant TVs.

“Years ago you would have been forced to climb a ladder 60ft up, with no safety protection at all. The rigging would be swinging. But now it’s much better.

“The remotes can be hit or miss. It’s like fishing.. you don’t know what you’re going to catch.

“But when you get one right it’s brilliant.”

Pelham has used the remote cameras before at Haye fights before. and captured two of his great KOs, when he hammered Audley Harrison in Manchester in November 2010, and again when he put down Derrick Chisora in July 2012.

But this time his remote camera caught what could be Haye’s final moments in the ring.

And Pelham believes the 37-year-old former world champion should now retire.

Pelham said: “I knew my cameras were focussed in the right area.

“But you in the lap of the gods if the boxers are in the right place.

“If it’s too cold the remotes can run out of charge but you now can put the cameras to sleep and get them to wake up in time for the fight.

“I have always got great shots of Haye. But now I think it’s time for David to call it a day.”

Haye, 37, said after the fight that he will consider his future in the coming days.

But Bellew has begged his rival to hang up his gloves for good.

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