Dele Alli's fashion range Leo Fortis features trucker hats starting at £45

The Tottenham star has launched a brand new range of hats called Leo Fortis – which in Latin fittingly means Brave Lion.

The new collection comes hot on the heels of the England midfielder's boohooMAN clothing line, which featured clobber based on his favourite fashion choices and designers.

And with Leo Fortis he's pulled out all the stops to ensure there's something for everyone.

There's three different styles available, including full truckers, mesh truckers and snapback hats.

The stylish designs feature a lion icon or the Leo Fortis branding on the front, the side and back.

And they are available in a variety of colours, including black, navy blue, red, green, and grey.

But they don't come cheap. With prices starting at £45 rising up to £50 for the snapback hats, Leo Fortis is in the high-end price range when it comes to headwear.

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"It was quite a big thing for me," Alli told British GQ magazine about launching the brand.

"A few years ago I loved wearing hats and it was quite difficult for me to find the hat that I liked because it's all about the shape for me.

"It has been difficult but I have been fortunate to have a lot of people around me.

" I think it was difficult to have a unique design, and just the whole process of and time it takes.

"A lot of it was trial and error when making the cap, but the main thing for me was obviously the colours and stuff you can change and vary but the fit is the most important thing when you have a hat."

And Dele also admitted that while he doesn't really have any style icons, there is one man who he does look up to.

“I don’t really have many style icons because I sort of think everyone’s style should be unique to themselves but I think you know David Beckham is big in style and is a massive influence in England," he said.

To see Dele's hat yourself, visit the Leo Fortis website.


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