Division III basketball player takes flagrant shot at opponent’s head

The dirtiest play in college basketball has already been decided a week into the season, and it didn't even result in an ejection.

Video circulated on Twitter on Wednesday from Tuesday's Division III game between Fitchburg State and Nichols of an incident late in the second half, after Nichols' Nate Tenaglia knocked down an open 3-pointer. Fitchburg State's Kewan Platt, who was closing out on the shot, checked to see if the baseline official was looking and then threw a forearm/elbow at Tenaglia's head.

Tenaglia went down in pain, but Platt was not called for a foul on the play. He wasn't ejected either, as he would foul Tenaglia again 11 seconds later, sending the Nichols player to the line for a pair of free throws.

Division III basketball doesn't have the benefit of video replay, so the flagrant contact wasn't reviewed during the game. It's also unclear what led to the contact — Platt was called for a technical early in the first half. He led Fitchburg State scorers with 16 points.

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