Drug cheat Jarrell Miller tells ‘warrior’ Dillian Whyte to ‘keep your head up’ after ‘testing positive for banned substances’ – The Sun

DRUG SUSPENDED Jarrell Miller has told “warrior” Dillian Whyte to keep his head up after the Brit allegedly “tested positive for banned substances”.

The Brixton heavyweight was reportedly found with two illegal substances in his system before his Saturday night decision win over Oscar Rivas.

And, if found guilty of his second doping offence following a two-year 2012 ban, the 31-year-old could be handed a career-ending eight-year sentence.

Miller, who is serving a six month suspension following failed tests before his proposed fight against Anthony Joshua in June, wished Whyte “nothing but luck”.

He said: “I know with the whole Dillian Whyte situation, they blasted me when my whole news came out and had a lot to say.

“The last couple weeks and months me and Dillian Whyte got in contact with each other and just been talking.

“I honestly ain’t got nothing bad to say about Dillian Whyte. He’s a good dude, he’s a brother, he’s funny, he’s a warrior and in this sport of boxing things happen.

“I’m not going to sit here and bash Dillian Whyte I’m not going to do that, that’s not my character.

“You still in a better position than I was, you still got to fight, still got to collect the cheque.

“So I think Dillian Whyte will be more than fine.

Boxing is a weird sport, we just have to deal with it head on – so I wish Dillian Whyte nothing but luck.”

After Miller missed out on a £7million pay-day against AJ, the New Yorker claimed his failed tests came from a tainted supplement and stem-cell treatment for his elbow, which was injured.

Whyte was banned from boxing for two years in 2012 after he tested positive for Methylhexaneamine, despite not knowingly taking the drug, which was contained in a nutritional supplement.

However, the Britxton puncher still took aim at Miller for his failed tests, which led to Andy Ruiz Jr coming in as a replacement and subsequently defeating AJ for the unified titles.

The American still insists he has no ill will towards Whyte, despite prior trash talking with Joshua – while “Big Baby” wishes to work with DAZN once his ban is up.

He added: “When I was fighting AJ I was saying smack about AJ because I’m trying to get in his head.

“And I know things about AJ – if you think he’s goody two shoes you some suckers too.

“I was running down on AJ because I was coming for his head – different story – me and Dillian Whyte ain’t got no fights on so I ain’t got nothing to say about Dillian.

WBC statement on the case

"At of the time of the publication of this Release, the WBC has not received any notification from anyone about a positive anti-doping test allegedly yielded by Dillian Whyte in connection with last Saturday’s fight against Oscar Rivas for the WBC Interim Heavyweight Championship.

“The WBC has requested that the BBBofC, as the local, governing entity that oversaw that fight, formally provide any available information to the WBC.

“The fight’s promoters contracted the Voluntary Anti-Doping Association (VADA) to perform pre-fight and after-the-fight anti-doping tests on both fighters.

"The WBC is not aware that any of the test’s results VADA has received up to now have yielded any adverse findings. The WBC created the Clean Boxing Program which is administered by VADA, and which is a top priority of our organization.

“The WBC will not make any comments about the situation at hand until it receives the proper, formal communication from the BBBofC.”

“For all the fighters out there that are quick to criticise other guys – have that same energy all the time when one of your friends, s*** doesn’t go right.

“Fighters are so quick to judge other fighters – I’ve never judges fighters as quick as some of these other guys do.

“DAZN, I still love you guys, I’d love to still work with you guys – Eddie Hearn… you know how I feel, I guess I know how you feel.”

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