Eddie Hearn's biggest deal in boxing history could spell the end to pay-per-view boxing

The boxing promoter has signed a whopping £739million deal with Perform Group to bring 16 fights to the US.

But it could lead to a further 16 scraps to be televised in the UK with streaming giants DAZN.

Hearn, 38, is determined to bring an end to the controversial pay-per-view setup and his new deal will purely be a subscription service only.

He also revealed that the undercard's of each event will be streamed on major social network sites for free.

Hearn said: "There will be no pay-per-view on this channel, this is one of the models behind this. The aim here is 12 big fight nights and four absolute monsters,

"The monster nights signify the pay-per-view numbers – they just won't be pay-per-view. They will be the nights that used to be $99 (£73) or $69 (£51).

"For example (Andre) Ward verses (Sergey) Kovalev, it would've been easy for us to put on our platform with the money I've got.

"Not for pay-per-view, it's just for subscribers. (Gennady) Golovkin and (Danny) Jacobs would be no problem.

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"I've never met a platform like these guys who understand the landscape of boxing to the point that it's a bit like the (Anthony) Joshua – it's not a deal based on Anthony Joshua, of course they want Anthony Joshua, they're making a very aggressive offer – but they understand that if Joshua- (Deontay) Wilder goes on Showtime and it does a million buys, there's more money."

DAZN already operate in Canada, Japan, Germany, Austria and Switzerland but they are now hoping to make a big splash in the US.

And they have backed Hearn to the tune of a staggering £92.5m per year, which could run until 2026.

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