Enes Kanter’s WWE girlfriend supporting him through tough Knicks time

Dana Brooke is punching her ticket to the Enes Kanter show at The Garden before it’s too late.

The WWE girlfriend of the 6-foot-11 center, who may be on his way out of New York with Thursday’s NBA trade deadline approaching, was recently spotted at Knicks games, according to screen grabs obtained by SportsGossip.com. The gossip site reported that Brooke, whose real name is Ashley Mae Sebera, attended Friday’s 113-99 loss to the Celtics.

Brooke, 30, and Kanter, 26, have been linked since last year.

As for Kanter’s future with the Knicks, he’s ready for clarity no matter the outcome.

“I have four days left,” Kanter said Sunday. “I’m just going to wait four more days to see what happens, and then if something happens, it happens. If [it doesn’t happen], I’ll just go sit down with the front office, see what’s going on, see what they plan to do with me.”

Kanter has been forced to the bench as the Knicks focus on their youth movement. Fans have taken to chanting his name at the Garden, and his relationship with coach David Fizdale has turned contentious over the lack of playing time. If Kanter cannot be traded by Thursday’s deadline, he likely would be released.

“I don’t know if this organization wants to hear that every game, because it’s kind of a little embarrassing,” Kanter said of fans chanting for him to play. “Because after all this trade and everything, the fans still want me to go out there and play. So I don’t know if they want to hear that chant every game. So I have no idea what they’re going to do.”

Kanter said last year he would consider a post-NBA career in wrestling.

“I’m actually talking to people over there now. Vince McMahon, he knows me,” Kanter told Vice. “I had dinner with [Paul Heyman] two, three days ago. I asked him how long he’s gonna do this and he said, ‘As long as Brock [Lesnar] goes, I go, and then I’m with you.’ I’m like yes! Seriously. I’m really serious about it.”

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