England fan scores £360 on Euros bet thanks to tip off from his unborn son

AN England fan won £360 in a Euros bet on the Germany game after an ultrasound scan showed his unborn son sticking two fingers up.

Johnny Howell, 30, put down £30 to win 2-0 at 12-1 and watched in delight as it came in.

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The gas engineer said: "It is just incredible that my boy came up with the right result.

“It’s a shame that he didn’t put up four fingers and a thumb to predict five goals.”

He went for the scan with fiance Alice Morling, 25, in Gorleston, Norfolk, on Tuesday, before Harry Kane and Raheem Sterling’s goals that evening.

Johnny, of Great Yarmouth, said: “The sonographer said the fingers were a peace sign.

"But it dawned on me that he may have been predicting a 2-0 England victory.”

Alice said: “The second goal came and I thought, ‘Are you joking?’ ”

They will spend the win on baby equipment.

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