England's Twickenham clash with New Zealand faces booze ban as RFU aims to make national stadium family-friendly

Currently, rules say punters can take “up to four alcoholic beverages purchased in the stadium to their seats.”

But drinkers are causing problems by heading to the bar to refuel during games, bothering fans who want to watch the action.

And the RFU want to make the most of offering cheap tickets to Under-16s for Eddie Jones’ autumn Tests against South Africa on November 3 and then New Zealand, Japan and Australia on  successive weekends.

Chief executive Steve Brown said: “If we need to segment some of the stadium so it is a more family-friendly place, we may.

“We have the feedback now that tells us we need to think about it seriously.”

Each Twickers Test pumps about £10million into RFU coffers.

But their bean-counters  are prepared to take a hit by making some parts of the ground booze-free.

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Brown added: “I get a lot of feedback from Twickenham regulars I meet or the surveys we do after games.

“We  have to decide whether we’re going to be pretty tough about it — looking at bar  opening times and  messaging about drinking and behaviour.”

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