Enzo Amore tries to HIJACK WWE Survivor Series and is ejected from venue

Amore – real name Eric Arndt – tried to lead the crowd in a rendition of his How You Doin' chant before he was kicked out after causing the scene at the Staples Center.

The 31-year-old was released by the WWE in January after an unnamed woman accused him of sexual assault. 

But the rape case was closed and he is now embarking on a new career as a rapper.

Pictures first surfaced on Twitter of Amore sitting in the second row wearing the disguise of a black wig and sporting a hoodie after sneaking into the venue.

It was then during the tag team contest between The Authors Of Pain against Sheamus and Cesaro that Amore removed the disguise, stood on his chair and began his chant live on TV.

For a couple of seconds Amore – who was wearing his old WWE How You Doin' t-shirt – was very much visible on TV during the match and you could hear him before security waded in and kicked him out.

Amore has since taken to Instagram with a picture of himself wearing his wig with the caption: "Zero f****".

Earlier this week he was booted off a plane in New York after being caught vaping on board.

He ignored instructions from the flight attendants and police were reportedly called to the aircraft.

A representative from Delta told TMZ: "A customer was removed from Delta flight 747 operation from New York to Los Angeles for not following crew instructions.

"The flight returned to the gate at John F. Kennedy International Airport where the customer deplaned without further incident."

TMZ claim that Port Authority Police were called to the aircraft, but he was not arrested.




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