ESPN Radio Dork Says Deshaun Watson Needed To "Dress Better" At Clemson Game

Jared Stillman hosts a sports radio show on ESPN’s Nashville affiliate. He also, judging by a tweet he sent out during Monday night’s national championship game between Clemson and Alabama, appears to be a bit of a ding dong.

Let’s set aside the, uh, undertones of that tweet for a moment and allow Rovell Jr. over here to explain exactly what sort of clothes Watson should be wearing in order to fit with his “brand.”


Let this be a warning to all sports pundits who are considering firing off a thinly veiled racist take: you may end up backpedaling yourself into a position just as ludicrous as “NFL quarterbacks should only wear suits to college football games, but they can also wear hoodies as long as those hoodies have the proper team logo on them.”

A day later, Stillman was sticking to his guns and taking offense to DeAndre Hopkins’s implication that his original tweet was kinda racist:


Watson himself eventually put the whole issue to bed with a tweet of his own:

There’s no coming back from that one, JARED!

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