Ex-WWE star Marty Jannetty claims he made man 'disappear' during bowling alley incident in troubling social media post

MARTY JANNETTY appears to have admitted to making a man "disappear" in a disturbing Facebook post.

The former WWE star claimed the incident took place when he worked at a bowling alley, aged 13.

Jannetty, now 60, shared the concerning story, which has since been deleted, to his social media page.

The post appears to insinuate he committed a crime against a would-be attacker.

It then seems to suggest the victim could be found in the Chattahoochee River, in Georgia.

According to RingsideNews, it read: "I never told no one this, even my brother Geno… cause Geno would've killed him, and I didn't want my brother gone.

"He'd only recently come home from Viet Nam.

"I was 13, working at Victory Lanes bowling alley buying weed from a f** that worked there.

"He put his hands on me… he dragged me around to the back of the building… you already know what he was gonna try to do.

"That was the very first time I made a man disappear.

"They never found him… they should of looked in the Chattahoochee River… but Winnie [the girl in these pics] I like you so damn much, probably my favourite.

"But I promised myself way back then, nobody would ever hurt me again… that includes you.

"I loved you but you hurt me with your f****** Jamaican jealousy. You can go your own way, I don't need you."

This is not the first time that Jannetty's social media activity has shocked his fans.

In 2018, Jannetty claimed his life was almost destroyed when his Facebook page was hacked.

The sick hackers put a post up on his page that said he wanted to have sex with his own daughter.

And he raised serious concerns last year when he revealed he bedded his sex addiction counsellor and went on a 60-day bender.

The 60-year-old has already been admitted twice to rehab, but failed to beat his addictions.

Jannetty was one half of the iconic Rockers tag-team with Shawn Michaels.

They were one of the top teams on the planet throughout the late 80s before they split in 1992.

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