F1 star Lewis Hamilton reveals his pet bulldog Roscoe earns £530-a-day… as a model in Los Angeles

The British superstar’s pooch lives in LA and earns £530-a-day as a model.

Hamilton said: “Roscoe is now part of a modelling agency and he has auditions, he will go up against ten or 15 different bulldogs, they will need a bulldog for a product.

“He gets paid, $700 dollars a day, it’s ridiculous and he gets his treat, he loves it.”

Roscoe had his privates removed when he was younger, after spontaneously ejaculating in his sleep.

This led to the Brit freezing his dog’s sperm, meaning he can still breed Roscoe.

Speaking to F1's 'Beyond The Grid' podcast, Hamilton added: “The reason I had to get him snipped, is because, the poor guy would wake up randomly and he would ejaculate everywhere. He would get scared and wouldn’t know what happened, it was so funny, but it was bad as it was everywhere.

“So he had to get the snip, but I can’t not breed this boy, he is so handsome and has the kindest heart. At some stage we will get some puppies, so probably once when I retire from racing and have a family, I am definitely getting more Roscoes.”

Hamilton is gearing up for his fifth win in a row at Silverstone, after he lost his championship lead to Sebastian Vettel in Austria.

The 33-year-old has the opportunity to become the most successful driver at the British Grand Prix, by winning it for a sixth time.

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