Fan makes $1,000 for driving Chad Johnson to Starbucks

It was infinitely more expensive than Postmates, but it got the job done.

A lucky fan in Jacksonville made $1,000 for driving former NFL receiver Chad Johnson to and from Starbucks – and got to hang out with the man formerly known as “Ochocinco” in the process.

On Saturday morning, Johnson tweeted out an offer to pay someone the hefty sum to drive him from his hotel in Jacksonville to get a cup of coffee.

“I need a ride to Starbucks please, $500 going and $500 to drop me back off should suffice, please?” he tweeted.

A fan named Joey McAvoy responded, and picked Johnson up at the Marriott hotel where he was staying.

Johnson tweeted a photo of the two together in the car, saying, “My guy @JoeyMcAvoy picked me up to grab Starbucks, if I get kidnapped we know who is responsible.”

Everything turned out okay, however, and Johnson posted a picture of his coffee moments later. McAvoy, for his part, walked away with the easiest $1,000 anyone will ever make.

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