Floyd Mayweather sits courtside with ex-girlfriend Gallienne Nabila after stripper fiancee makes $5m claim

FLOYD MAYWEATHER was spotted sat alongside ex-girlfriend Gallienne Nabila at an LA Lakers game amid speculation around his stripper fiancee Anna Monroe.

The legendary boxer cosied up to Nabila during the Lakers' 121-118 win over the Memphis Grizzlies on Sunday.

It comes just three months after he was spotted walking with his arm around Nabila, pictures which led many to question the status of his engagement to Monroe.

It is not currently known whether Mayweather and Monroe are together.

A source came out and spoke with The Sun in July alleging Mayweather gave Monroe around £3.64million in a bid to win her back.

Anna, 29, told friends Floyd wired her the huge amount of cash for jewellery and offered to buy her a yacht to try patch things up.

"Anna has been claiming to her friends that Floyd sent her five million dollars to try to buy her back after he was caught with his ex," the source said.

"Floyd apparently said she could use the money to buy some nice jewellery.

"Some of her friends were there and saw the notification of the payment and couldn't believe it. It's a crazy amount of money.

"She's also been saying that Floyd offered to buy her a yacht and take her on a trip but Anna is not happy, she's hates how he thinks money will just make everything ok.

"Anna believes he has been cheating on her and wants to move on.

"She has been telling everyone it's totally over with Floyd and he can't buy her back."

It came after Anna told friends that she's "totally done with him".

"Anna is devastated because she thought they were going to get married and have a child – she feels like she gave him everything," a source said.


"She'd even been going to see a wedding planner. After seeing the pictures she lost it, she's telling friends she is completely done with him.

"She even called him a 'tramp' and accused Floyd of always hanging out with other women behind her back."

Mayweather has not fought since he took part in an exhibition clash with Logan Paul in June.

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