Football badges: Can you name the Manchester United, Chelsea, Arsenal, Real Madrid and Barcelona crests from years gone by?

In fact clubs do go through lots of changes, from the locations of their stadiums, nicknames, team colours and even crests.

Badges of the world's biggest clubs are instantly recognisable.

Chelsea's lion, Manchester United's Red Devil and Real Madrid's gold, blue and white crown could be spotted a mile off.

But that wasn't always the case.

Through the last hundred-odd years of association football, all the major clubs have undergone facelifts – some minor and some major.

Trends come and go, new owners impose their will and old styles are replaced with new modern and dynamic designs.

But can you recognise the club by the old badge?

We've taken out some of the names to make it just that little bit harder for you (complete badges at the bottom). Take our quiz here:

The full badges are below

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