Former WWE Superstar James Ellsworth Allegedly Sent Illicit Photos To 16-Year-Old Girl, Per ‘Ringside News’

The professional wrestler has denied the allegations, but there is already a lot of evidence out there against him.

A former WWE superstar could be looking at some serious legal issues today, as he is alleged to have sent nude photos to a 16-year-old girl, as reported by Ringside News. The accuser also claims that he knew how old she was before any of their interactions, and that the advances were unwelcome.

“I category [sic] deny all allegations, please direct all further communication to my attorney 410-841-4600,” Ellsworth said, in a statement to the outlet.

Shortly after making the initial comments on the issue, the former WWE superstar’s attorney issued a statement through Ellsworth’s Twitter account.

“My client, James Morris, known publicly and professionally as James Ellsworth has become aware of a number of baseless allegations. Mr. Morris has the utmost respect for women and categorically denies these inflammatory and despicable accusations. Bates & Garcia, Attorneys at Law.”

The accuser, whose name is Kenzie, posted a sample of the the images he sent, but she withheld the more graphic ones. However, she did send the photos to Ringside News, who shared censored versions of one of the photos. The outlet said that the photos were definitely not censored when they received them, however.

Taking things a step further, the accuser posted a screenshot of a message from someone claiming to be a female wrestler who has dealt with Ellsworth in the past. In the message, the person said that Ellsworth has a history of these types of incidents.

“Us women wrestlers have had very uncomfortable experiences with Ellsworth so hearing that he sent you nudes especially if you didn’t ask for them is very unsettling,” the person posted.

She also posted a video with her statement on Twitter where she recounted the story of what happened, including the first time she met Ellsworth where she told him that she was only 16-years-old.

In a statement to Ringside News, Kenzie said the following.

“He is a celebrity, so obviously he’s going to bring an attorney into this, but my family and I are considering pressing charges.”

James Ellsworth had two brief runs in the WWE, including spending time with female superstar Carmella. He was originally brought in to get destroyed by Braun Strowman during his initial push, but got over so much with the fans that the WWE kept him around, and even had him challenge for the WWE Championship multiple times.

Since leaving the company, he has worked around the country for various independent promotions. If these allegations are proven true, his most recent run in the WWE will likely be his last.

Additionally, James Ellsworth is not married, but has several children, which adds another layer to this still-developing story.

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