Gary Anderson slams ‘numpty’ Sky Sports commentator Wayne Mardle after demolishing Devon Peterson at Ally Pally

FURIOUS Gary Anderson branded Sky Sports commentator Wayne Mardle a “numpty” and then warned TV sidekick Rod Harrington: I’ll play darts to 90 to prove you wrong.

After smashing Devon Petersen 4-0 in an anti-climactic last-16 match, Ando went on the attack in an astonishing 15-minute press conference.

On Monday, the Flying Scotsman accused Mensur Suljovic of deliberate slow play and placing his darts on the wrong table, claiming disgruntled punters would turn over to watch Corrie instead.

In response, four-time PDC world semi-finalist Mardle, 47, said the Scot should not have been bothered by Suljovic’s antics.

And two-time World Matchplay champion Harrington, 63, said: “We’re in a war here with Covid-19 and nobody wants to hear anyone moaning on TV.”

I’m there to play how I want to play. So if I’m wrong for that, I’m guilty, jail me, lock away the key.

This has only fuelled the fire in the belly of Anderson, 50, who will play in the quarter-finals on New Year’s Day.

The No.13 seed raged: “Wayne Mardle’s comment the other night, what a ticket.

“If you’re playing a player you need to put him off? Slow him down? That’s coming from a commentator on Sky.

“My way of playing darts is you go up there, he hits a ton, you hit a 140.

“If he hits a 140, you hit a 180, pressure on, try to outscore him, try to outplay him, out-finish him.

“Now Wayne’s telling everyone if you’ve got a problem with a player, slow him down.

“Or do what you can to put him off. What a numpty. That’s absolutely great for TV.

“And it’s a great thing to tell kids what to do, isn’t it? Proud of you, Wayne.

“I’ve heard their comments. I don’t think a lot about them. But it’s a great way to tell the public how to play darts. Well done, lads.

“I’m there to play how I want to play. So if I’m wrong for that, I’m guilty, jail me, lock away the key.

“That’s the way I am. So what can you do about it, not a bloody lot, I tell you.”

Anderson, a two-time world champion, admits he had considered winding down his career but Harrington’s TV commentary had dramatically changed his mind.

The Somerset-based ace said: “I probably would have retired until Harrington piped up – now I’m going to play for a long time.

“I had a year, two years left. Not now. If I can make it until I’m 90 to make sure I cheese them off, I’ll be playing until I’m 90. Sorry boys I’m back.

“After Harrington’s comment, he can whistle Dixie. I’ll be here for a long time now.

“Even if I have go on there with a Zimmer frame, just to cheese him off, I’ll be here playing darts.”

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