Greg McElroy: Tim Tebow at tight end will be ‘stupid’ disaster with Jaguars

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Greg McElroy already saw one Tim Tebow tight end experiment. That was enough for him.

McElroy was the other Jets quarterback in the ill-fated 2012 season after the team acquired Tebow from the Broncos. He thinks the Jaguars giving him a chance is a “stupid move.”

“[The Jets] tried switching him to tight end, and he wasn’t good,” McElroy said last week while hosting on Sirius XM.

The Jaguars now appear set to try the same thing nine years later after Tebow tried out for the team and Urban Meyer, whom he played under at the University of Florida. There were reports that Tebow was going to sign with the Jaguars and Meyer hinted an official decision would be made this week.

Tebow was brought into the Jets and it was billed as a quarterback competition with Mark Sanchez. Instead, Tebow was used as a punt protector. When Sanchez got hurt late in the season, it was McElroy who played at quarterback instead of Tebow.

There are few who expect this Tebow plan to work out and McElroy — now an analyst for SiriusXM and ESPN — knows better than most.

“Tim ran a 4.8 (40-yard dash), Taysom Hill runs a 4.4,” McElroy said. “They’re just two totally different players. Tim is a good dude and I hope the best for him. But it’s a sideshow, and that’s what it will be come training camp time.

“And I think it kind of undermines what Urban Meyer is trying to build. Maybe he makes the team, maybe he doesn’t, I don’t know. But it’s going to take away from the task at hand, which is trying to put together the most competitive roster in camp. 

“And I bet you there’s going to be players, as someone who went to training camp with Tim, there are going to be players who are rolling their eyes at the amount of attention the fourth-string, fifth-string tight end gets, and it’s going to piss people off. As a result, it’s going to affect locker room chemistry, just like it did for us with the Jets. Not because anyone had any animosity toward Tim, they just have animosity with the coverage Tim receives. So, I think it’s a stupid move.” 

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