Here Are The Police Reports From The Domestic Disturbance Involving Antonio Brown

Police released several reports today generated by the report of a domestic disturbance last month at Antonio Brown’s home in Hollywood, Fla. According to the reports, the mother of one of Brown’s children went to the information desk at police headquarters on Jan. 18 and told them that she and the Steelers wide receiver had gotten into a fight the day before.

Here is how the first report, written by the officer at the information desk who spoke to the woman, summarized what she said:


The woman told the officer that afterward she yelled for her daughter to come back to her, which she did, and then she drove to her mother’s house. She showed police an abrasion “with some scabbing,” according to the report. A crime scene technician came and took photos, but the woman did not want to file a victim statement.

Two more officers also talked to her, and one of them filed a case supplemental report. In that one, the officer wrote that the woman asked how she could get a copy of the police report she had just filed—but she added that she did not want to give a statement or have charges pressed against Brown.


From there, the report then launches into a section about why charges couldn’t be filed—including some language that calls out the woman for her own actions because “by the complainants own volition, she stood in the doorway of Antonio Brown’s home refusing to let him close his own door.”

(This part of the report was written by investigator “Stabile, A” with a badge ID of 3154. That badge ID belongs to Officer Alfred Stabile, according to documents filed in a federal court lawsuit against the city of Hollywood. Stabile is accused of yelling at a man to turn down his radio and then choking the man to the point where he couldn’t breath for a few seconds. What happened was recorded by a nearby store camera. You can read more about the case over at the Miami Herald.)


The officers then told her how to get a restraining order and how to contact victim advocates. According to the other report, she also got a domestic violence pamphlet. Stabile wrote that he spoke to the woman about how charges might be filed if they do develop “probable cause,” at which point the woman became upset and repeated, again, what she had said before, which was that she did not want Brown arrested.

“The complainant then stated she wished to ‘cancel’ her report and stated she just wanted to leave without creating the complaint,” the report said. “The complaining was advised that Hollywood police would be authoring a report. The complainant left the police department at that time.”

The full incident report is below:

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